SPAWN #220


Celebrate SPAWN’s 20th Anniversary with this special landmark release.

Jim Downing has long been a man lost – confused by his missing past, hounded
at every turn and manipulated by forces beyond his control.

No longer.

With his past finally coming into focus and a full understanding of the man he once was just out of reach, Jim embraces the full might of his horrific hell-born powers to piece together a mystery that has ties to the very core of the Spawn universe.

Old enemies will return. New dangers will emerge. And events woven within the complex fabric of Spawn’s rich mythology will begin to coalesce.

What happens from this point forward has been 20 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

Story by Todd McFarlane
Art by Szymon Kudranski
Cover by Todd McFarlane

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. if mcfarlane would just do the damn pencils, this book would have a religious following.
    it doesn’t seem to be that important to him. why should i feel any different?

    • I love Todd’s work and Spawn, but unfortunately I have to agree. Especially just for this one issue even. I pick up a Spawn issue here and there but I’ve long since given up. I wish they’d do some cool one-shots or mini-series or even crossovers… like the old Medieval, Witchblade, etc. Just something.

  2. I sort of agree also, have been out of comics and Spawn in particular since around issue #75 or so. Just started back in with Spawn a few issues ago and I am finding it hard to follow (could just be the wrong time to be jumping on)? The art is really good but the story is kind of bland.

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