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SPAWN #195

Price: $2.95
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  1. Ha. I remember that Alan Moore created the Freak. If Alan Moore was writing this series again, that would be enough for me to consider buying it.

  2. Endgame really been going this long? I’ve hardly noticed that it’s a year-long story. Good job, Todd.

    @flapjaxx – McFarlane writing trumps Moore any day. That’s just me.

  3. I do think they are dragging everything out to finish it all up on issue 200.

  4. It’s kind of nice to be reading Spawn again. This feels so much like the early stuff, which is fairly near and dear to my heart. And this is by far the best portacio art I have ever seen. I don’t know what happened, but he went from utter shit to pretty awesome within a year

  5. I bought this book to read the IMAGE UNITED crossover but I’m curious to read the actual feature; I’ve never read a SPAWN comic before

  6. I guess I read a different version of #195 – my copy had neither Violator or the Freak in it.


    @mikeandzod21 Yeah this is the best art Portacio has put out in ages.  I can’t help but wonder if the limited color palette isn’t a big factor in toning down his style. 

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