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The curtains open on the dark secret of the demon Adramelech, and the pain he has brought to Doctor Xander Crowe! Now the evil Assyrian spirit has returned to play another ‘game’ with Crowe, and this time he has possessed the daughter of Los Angeles mob boss Don Marino. Caught between Hell and the mob, Crowe is forced to rely on Sparrow to find a special artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. But can Sparrow find the ring before Amanda Marino escapes her bonds and wreaks havoc at the Marino estate?

Story by David Accampo
Art by Jared Souza

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I enjoyed the first issue a great deal and thought that the art and writing created this wonderful blend of murky whimsy. I’d love to have the series establish a bit of the monster of the week feel to it, having larger mythology building plots introduced in bits and pieces ( a la some of the best X-Files episodes)

    • Hey MaxPower —

      Thanks for the kind words about issue #1. I can say that the first 5 issues of this miniseries are a complete “supernatural-noir” novella about the possession of Amanda Marino. But beyond that, Jeremy and I have always envisioned Sparrow & Crowe as having numerous adventures while having a larger arc behind them — fitting to your “monster of the week” framework.

      One nice example might be the SPARROW & CROWE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, which is a digital anthology that comes out next week on Comixology. These are VERY short one-off stories, focusing on subjects like a haunted house, a demon on the radio waves, gremlins, and a story about the Day of the Dead festival in Los Angeles. So that might give you a bit of that feel (and it features a story by iFanboy’s own Paul Montgomery)!

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