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The epic new series from the team who brought you 100 BULLETS continues! Orson is in way over his head, trying to do right in a world gone wrong. Now, a mysterious man from his past is about to make things much, much worse.

Written by Brian Azzarello
Pencilled by Eduardo Risso
Inked by Eduardo Risso
Lettered by Clem Robins
Colored by Patricia Mulvihill
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Well this maybe my last issue for this series, I have come so far and last issue really finally lost me. A lot has to do with the dialog I will say and then it seems to really be going no where now.


  2. ok. this is a cool world with interesting customs, practices and some really fuckn’ crazy dialogue. all of that is very cool.
    but i am ready for some action, goddamnit. big payoff.

  3. Someone asked me what this book was about yesterday. My answer…

    “Spaceman is post-apocalyptic story about a genetically engineered man named Orson who comes into possession of a celebrity couple’s kidnapped child.”

    …that’s what we know after four issues. Not sure I got it in me to see this one through.

  4. Great me thinks..End come me still with

  5. This is a great series. I love the art and the story. I want to find out more about Orson’s past mission on Mars and what his ex-team mates are doing especially that one who’s become a bounty hunter. It’s all gonna break loose in this next issue, I just know it.

  6. I did not even pick this up, I had it in my pull list at the shop and had them put it back. I thought the first issue was intresting and it hooked me than by issue three it was starting to drag to nowhere and really I looked at it one last time before I had them put it back on the shelf and the artwork has also kinda worn off it’s cool newness.


    • To each their own, but I totally disagree with everything you said. this is by far the most original and entertaining story I have read in a long time, and the art by Risso makes the story pop off the pages.

    • Yeah, I’m with Walter on this one.

      I really like that Azzarello has clearly done a lot of world-building here, but has the maturity and restraint to let it seep through the cracks instead of turning on the hose and drenching us in exposition and minutiae.

      The skip month between issues 3 and 4 kind of cooled my interest in this book, but I think the pace really picked up with this issue and I’m really excited for the next issues. I kind of hope they don’t need any more skips months. But I love Risso’s work, so if he needs a few extra weeks, I’m cool with it.

  7. I think its going to read a lot better in trade. I think this is a good series with some strong artwork, the language takes some bit of getting used to, but then again so did Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange.

  8. Great issue! I’m loving everything about this series, art and writing. I love everytime the bounty hunter appears. What is he gonna do? How is he going to react to a confrontation with his old crewmate? Is Orson gonna get blamed for the kidnapping because it makes a great story for TV? It’s all building to a conflict between society and genetically altered humanoid. I’m lovin’ it – a perfect sci/fi topic!

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