The Cleft Skull may be the most dangerous place for travelers in Germany’s Black Forest, but, for the moment, it is Solomon Kane’s only sanctuary from the deadly demons without — Death’s Black Riders! They have surrounded the rickety inn and are waiting for the opportune moment to strike! If he and the Priest are to see England again, they’ll have to confront the Riders head on! Outnumbered and with only two shots in his guns, Solomon Kane will have to rely on his wits and his sword arm to save the Priest and escape the inn alive!

“Solomon Kane is a welcome addition to the other excellent Howard properties produced by Dark Horse… ” – Comics Bulletin

Writer: Scott Allie
Penciller: Mario Guevara
Colorist: Juan Ferreya
Cover Artist: Darick Robertson

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Glad this is finally out. It has been a good mini.

  2. Those Black Riders are definitely creepy. I trust nothing with two mouths. Have not liked the Ferreya coloring on this though. Iknow he was going for Black Forest moody, but often it just got brown, muddy, and hard to follow.

  3. What a mixed bag this finish was. I THINK Allie wrote a great ending sequence. What Guevara drew was almost entirely unintelligible. Random 180 degree rule violations, characters and body parts of characters popping in and out of existence, really difficult to follow sword play. And I honestly never had any idea ever how many monsters there were or how many might be left. I know Guevara has done better, but yikes. And the coloring remained poor, and not helpful. If I was reviewing Allie woulf get a 4 and Guevara a 2. Maybe a 1.5.

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