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  1. Must buy Kolins. Must….. buy….. KoLINS


  2. The Faces of Evil one-shot was pretty fun, even if it was just to set up this series. I really hope this will be a good mini. Its already half got me with Kolins on art.

  3. i’m pretty excited about this. I just hope they focus mostly on grundy and dont do too many pages with alan scott or other capes. I’m really interested in the character exploration potential here.

  4. If this is as good as the FOE one shot I’ll be really happy.

  5. Picking this up for art alone. Though who knows maybe I’ll be surpised.

  6. the one shot was good. i do like scott kollins art and story. im intrested to see how this series goes.

  7. I loved the one shot, but I must resist.. must…get.. out..of…main stream!

    Just too many books that are too good and related to one another

  8. @simmons: LOL.

  9. I hope they focus mostly on capes and don’t dedicate too many pages to Solomon Grundy.
    They’re spoiling his mystique. *sad face*

  10. Thought this was a great issue!  I didn’t read the Faces of Evil one shot, but I was able to follow along.  I was happily surprised to see both the Phantom Stranger AND a Green Lantern in the story.  I thought the set up was handled intelligently, and then we also get a bit of the monster smash stuff too. Recommend!

  11. I’m worried that they are going to focus too much on grundy fighting capes and other monsters and not seeking to end his curse.  If it adds to us understanding grundy’s motivations and fears then I say leave it in the book, but I fear that it is going to turn into one of those gundy vs. ____. things. even if it does it would still be fun, just not what it seems to be setting up to do. 


    @MikeHaseloff: how can they focus on capes and not dedicate pages to gundy and still explore the premise for the mini? also, this is a book titled after gundy, so I think that not dedicating enough pages to grundy would be a bad thing since this is grundy’s mini.

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