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  1. Is anybody here familiar with the Soleil offerings? From the art I’ve seen, the U.S. has really been missing out over the past few years. Glorious artwork all around. But is the writing any good?

  2. I saw the preview few pages of this and thought it looked interesting, so I think ill give it the 3 issues.

  3. I read and really enjoyed it. Very humourous as well.

  4. GORGEOUS STUFF. Imaging a world where Steve Jobs’ Pixar did hand-drawn animation films instead of CGI. Now imagine Steve demanding to see a storyboard of a film during the developmental stages. That’s what this looks like – every panel is perfection. They’re so detailed that you feel like you could step inside the frame and look around. I’ve rarely seen a new world portrayed so convincingly on the page. Ther other Soleil titles marvel is importing/translating look pretty, but none are as immediately compelling as this little gem. Wow.

    Issue 2 can’t get here soon enough! 

  5. I’m tempted to pick this up, but I’m wondering if I should just hold off for the trade 

  6. Have they solicited the trade yet? I hope they format the pages differently in the trade. I love this book, but really, how much thick white margin did I get for my $5.99 ??? The trade should be feature non-standard pages that allow this truly gorgeous art to be seen MUCH BIGGER. (You listening, Marvel?)



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