Pinned down by Cobra forces and desperate to find a cure to a deadly virus, Snake Eyes and Duke must find a way to stave off the massive attack forces long enough to get to the Ray-Pharm labs. Duke, close to madness and death, resorts to dangerous measures in order to survive. Can Snake Eyes help save his fellow Joe in time? Or will the Cobra Civil War claim another casualty in the heat of battle?

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Casey Maloney
Cover by Robert Atkins

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. This series may be the weak link of the group but the three series are so tightly linked that I am happy to be reading this GI JOE and COBRA. They are getting back into must read territory. The cobra civil war was slightly predictable *no spoiler* with who won the competition but the journey is well worth it. I hope they keep it up. Good work by Chuck Dixon and Co.

    • Yeah, it is the weakest link,but still pretty good. I like Atkins’ art a lot better than Mahoney’s, though. And I got the cool toy cover for this!

  2. Ok just watched the GI Joe Retaliation Trailer… looks fun.

  3. Hell yes, YO JOE

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