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Snake Eyes and Helix battle against all odds when they invade the Himalayan fortress filled with Cobra vipers. Vikrim Khallikhan is in the running to be the next Cobra Commander and figures that killing the most dangerous Joe of them all gives him a lock on the title.

The Cobra Civil War is just heating up!

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Robert Atkins
Cover by Robert Atkins & Agustin Padilla

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.7%


  1. GI Joe is not getting love from the iFanbase… if your having a light week give it a shot.

    IMO;  IDW did not relaunch GI Joe for those that haven’t been reading along.  Yes they re-numbered to #1 and started three new series under the Cobra Civil War Banner but it is not a reboot.  That said, I have read every issue of the IDW run which has been orchestrated by Chuck Dixon.  The best of the series so far has been GI Joe cobra written by Costa and Gage and pencilled by Fuso.  The story that they did about Chuckles was legendary.  The series as a whole has been good.

    My thoughts on the Cobra Civil war;  It is a great idea but the initial 4 issues ( 2 GI Joe, 1 Cobra, 1 Snake-Eyes ) has suffered from only marginal execution.  I am a big fan of Robert Atkins artwork on this series but it is a stark contrast from Anotnio Fuso’s which creates a schism in the tone between their books.  Fuso’s work makes GI Joe feel like the new Borne movies while Atkins’ art is more like the original predator movie.  Both are awesome, they just don’t feel like they belong in the same world.

    It really has been a fun ride and I look forward to watching Cobra self destruct during the civil war. 

  2. I am loving Gi Joe but the general idea of the plot is kind of meh.

  3. I just started the GI Joe books with the Cobra Ciivil War on a whim and I am really enjoying it.  As a complete “GI Joe” newbie, I find the plot to be intriguing in it’s simplicity.  Kill as many Joe’s as possible.  It tells me right away that there are “real” stakes and although it hasn’t all been perfect, it’s fun enough to know that I will be on it for awhile.  

    Is there a name to that story about Chuckles?  I have wanted to pick it up but when I go to the LCS all the GI Joe books are a mess and I am never sure which is the one that I have heard so much about.   

  4. Trade is titled ” GI JOE COBRA ” by Costa Gage and Fuso
    November 2009 by IDW  It’s awesome and is the precursor to everything that is happening now in the Cobra Civil War.  The GI Joe book is good too and Origins is ok but not great by any stretch.  GI Joe Hearts and Minds is awesome but I don’t think a single character from there has been used yet.  What a waste. 

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