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ENTER THE WORLD OF MAGIC! With just his slight-of hand skills, stage magician Terry Ward finds himself in a world he didn’t make-a world where sorcery is real! When he befriends a kid from this world, will danger come calling? You bet it will!

Mike Costa, Ryan Browne

Price: $3.99
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Neb04/12/12NoRead Review


  1. Excited for this, first issue really hooked me. I didn’t realize this was only a 5 issue mini though, it’s very cool so far.

  2. I bought issue 1 of this for the Fiona Staples cover. The actual contents of the issue through me fir a loop, intrigued me, and got me to make sure my LCS has this put aside for me.

  3. Great story this issue. Shaping up to be a refreshingly original story. Maybe if the mini does well we will see more

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