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From the company that brought you Locke & Key and Memorial!

Mike Costa (COBRA, Blackhawks) teams with sleight-of-hand artist Jon Armstrong (also a consulting Imagineer for Disney) and acclaimed artist Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts)!

A stage magician is thrust into a world where magic-not technology-rules, and forced to use trickery and illusions to survive!

Story by Mike Costa & Jon Armstrong
Art by Ryan Browne
Cover by Ryan Browne & Fiona Staples

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I want to give Costa another shot after that mess that was the Blackhawks.

  2. Ya this sounded interesting apparently within this issue somehow they pull off a magic trick for the reader so I’m curious as how they were going to pull that off. Sucks barely anybody is pulling this to try out something new, if anybody is interested to learn about it there’s a word balloon podcast from a few weeks ago that convinced me to try it out

  3. I wasn’t planning on getting this, but it actually sounds like it could be good.

  4. That’s totally Harrison Ford on the cover…

  5. Heard about this from Word Balloon, forgot all about it then saw it in the store today and happy to see it was issue one. I remember being really intrigued about it.

  6. It’s really good. Very cool concept

  7. The trick tottally worked on me, story was decent enough but plain and hard to get into at first but it’s a fun concept and with the magician character introduced I’m on board for the next issue

  8. I am already buying too many titles, but I had to add this one to the list.

  9. I gave this to a guy at work today who I know is really into magic, and boy the look on his face was priceless. he thought it was incredible, he goes “man im really going to have to start reading comics”. He flipped out over this book. Mission accomplished

  10. I really liked this. I played along with some of the “magic” tricks and it was good times. Nice debut issue…i’ll stick around a bit.

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