• OLIVER and CHLOE are on a hunt in the heartland…or are they the hunted?

• LOIS is caught in the crossfire as SUPERMAN confronts LEX about last issue’s disastrous climax…

• HENSHAW’s condition takes a turn for the worse!

Story by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Pere Perez
Cover by Ryan Benjamin & Saleem Crawford

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. loving this! does anyone know how many issues this “season” is going to be?

  2. if it continues the way it is, and assuming it’s not canceled (fingers crossed), say they do 12-15 “episodes”. At an average of 4 issues per “episode” that makes 48-60 issues. I would not mind that at all. 😀

    • jeeze I really hope its not that long lol. they seem to be moving faster then the tv show did so im thinking 12? give or take. and yes i hope it doesnt get canceled because i want it collected. the best part about this story for me is them explaning how lex luther functions and got where he is. i hated the mind wipe in the series final but with this explaning it i dont as much anymore:) plus cyborg superman is a cool villian choice:) so cross fingers it doesnt get canceled!

    • It could go longer then 12 and still be good. Buffy proved it’s possible.

  3. Cool cover, but it looks more like a “normal” Superman and Lois, and not a “Smallville” Superman and Lois, know what I mean?

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