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  1. This coincides with my stores anniversary sale. Sweet!

  2. so does this mean someone is going to finally mass release TP 4 ?

  3. If this was a hardcover collection, I’d buy it immediately.


  4. Am psyched for this, even if the price is steep (I know, there are a lot of pages, but still, that’s a lot of cash to pull out of the wallet)…but am scared it won’t live up to the hype.

  5. I thought this was getting a HC treatment.

  6. I missed out on Sleeper the first time around. The original TP is expensive and hard to come by. This new printing is a definate must buy for me.

  7. Must buy too. Such a great deal.

  8. @SunnyvaleTrash: There was mention at NYCC I believe of a Sleeper Omnibus, however I’m guessing this is it and that whomever announced the "omnibus" (which for DC is usually a standard-size hardcover), was misinformed or misspoke.  I just can’t see them putting out these new versions and then putting out a hardcover collecting it all, at least not for a long time (say, when the movie comes out, if it ever does).  I’m more a paperback fan, so I think it’s great that DC is finally collecting these as complete seasons rather than the four six issue trades.  I see they’re doing that with Batman: Hush now too, so I wonder if we’re going to see more of those complete trades for story lines from a few years ago from DC, much the same way Marvel is doing that with their "Ultimate Collection" trades.

  9. Thanks, CGPO.  I too highly doubt that HCs would come after TPBs (at least not until the movie hits, you’ve got a good point there), and since I already picked up the new Point Blank edition in trade, I intend to keep everything in the same format.

  10. Just finished this….wow!  Reminded me of Incognito, but better.  Miss Misery…ooooh!

  11. absolutley brilliant!

    really gripping!

    cant wait for season 2

  12. Holy shit, this was FANTASTIC. WOW!

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