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SKY DOLL #2 (OF 3)

Price: $5.99
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  1. The first issue was great, and the art is wonderful. I am really excited to see Marvel bringing these books to the states.

  2. i hope they keep it up…  i’d love to see more imports over here… 

    i’ve read a lot of the stuff that Humanoids brought over…  my favorites being Incal and The Metabarons… 

  3. Those French folks bring the magic again. The art is unspeakably perfect, and if some of the exposition feels a little convenient or rushed, all is forgiven because these panels are unlike anything I’ve ever seen produced by the American comic industry — ever. Wow wow wow.

    It really does feel like you’re watching a movie.  

  4. The story in this issue did feel a little rushed but as everyone already said it was very enjoyable if for no other reason than the beautiful art on each page.

  5. How has this book got a rating of 6?

  6. @FablesBroughtMeBack, they’re Italian.  Also, if you want stuff like this on a more regular basis, check out Heavy Metal Magazine.  Not everything is gold, but there’s good stuff often enough to justify the purchase.

  7. I was really suprised to see Marvel putting interest in European books. I LOVE THAT.
    Europe, specially Belgium, has a giant history of Comics.


    Rushed in Europe is kinda strange, coz the we get a new issue every 3-6 months. If we are lucky, some series is one issue every year. Thorgal for instance. Check it out 🙂

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