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The Skullkickers are up to their necks in trouble and the key to their survival is the Necromancer who wants to see them both (un)dead!

Or, more eloquently explained in Haiku:
death magic chaos
undead army rising fast
flee you crazy fools


Price: $2.99
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  1. Best new series of 2010 HANDS DOWN!

  2. I am really enjoying this book

  3. I really want to like this book more. I love the covers but have been wanting something more inside. The characters feel like cardboard cutouts, not much development going on. The Charlie Brown eyes aren’t doing it. I don’t know, maybe my expectations were to high.

  4. @Firebreather
    Same here. Read the first 2 issues and it didn’t click. Not my thing and the art didn’t help, either. It’s not bad, but it’s not what I’d like to see on a book like this.
    But it’s great to see an indie book succed on this level. 

  5. I have downloaded issue #0 & #1 and am looking forward to reading them over the Christmas break. Hope they are as good as advertised!

  6. too much hype is the death knell for an average book.  everyone’s disappointed.  This is what happened to Turf, Skull Kickers, and 27.  Although 27 is awesome, reviewers slammed it because it didn’t tie in with the Dead Rock Star at 27 mythos. let’s practice lowered expectations. 

  7. But for me, it’s not hype at all. I love this book. Each issue makes me laugh out loud multiple times throught. I think my mindset is of Zub’s, in that, this book is fun. Reminds me of playing tabletop games with a group of my pals, drinking and bullshitting up crazy stories based around our characters. This book is what the D&D book wishes it could be. I think with every issue it’s obvious that Zub is having fun creating a fantasy world that isn’t governed by what we nerds have made into “rules”.  ie, the pistol that the human carries in a mideaval time period.
    Plus, what other book had a recipe as a back-up/co-feature/supplimental material!?!?!?

    In regards to this issue specifically, i think it had more fun moments. I don’t think it was the strongest issue so far, but far from a let down. I loved all the environmental “sound” effects. They all seemed to make me laugh. Maybe i’ll do a review later tonight or tomorrow and get in depth.

  8. Ass-kick! That is all.

  9. It has been a little over-hyped, but I still enjoy this story. Does anyone one else feel that things are getting very out of hand?

  10. Very out of hand…

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