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  1. I want this but I dont, plus its 5 bucks so…I dont know.

  2. Hmmm…why not? I’ll flip through it to decide.

  3. What the hell is it?

  4. eh, i’ll bite. why not? last one-shot was pretty good.

  5. I couldn’t tell what it was even on the marvel site. I looked up the writer, and his name only turned up for writing marvel histories. No artist was listed, so I suspect that this will be just a text piece on the history of the skrulls.

  6. Looks like it reprints previous Skrull stories, as well as giving extra info. Meh.

  7. @guardedmarman, 5 bucks for what is basically the official handbook of the marvel universe: skrulls, and no ads?  sounds good to me.

  8. You see when I first posted this there was no info and I didnt know about the no ads so, there you go. (yes I am getting it.)

  9. yeah, no ads and 64 pages sealed the deal.

  10. ill buy it

  11. I flipped through it and put it back. No story, just a bunch of biographies.

  12. Flipped through it in the comic shop and couldn’t imagine buying it. It’s just a mini-encyclopedia of Skrulls. $5 for a guidebook? Meh.

  13. It was a wordy guidebook issue but imo a very well done one.

  14. it comes down to weather you like to get the marvel encyclopedias.  i get them if they cover something that sounds intresting.  this one is just everything skrull.   i got it.

  15. This was an expensive week, so I put this back along with New Warriors and She Hulk.  Last week was the week I decided not to buy all of the crossovers once I saw the quality of X-Factor…what a mess.

    Once again, Marvel goes waaaayyy overboard with the crossovers, they sucked me in with Civil War, I was smart not to follow World War Hulk.  I’ve been pretty happy overall with Secret Invasion, except for the fact that nothing is happening in the main story and they’re charging an extra buck for a regular sized story. Secret Invasion really has nothing on Final Crisis.

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