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  1. Did anyone else find that issue two wasnt as good as issue one?

  2. i liked them both very much. looking forward to finding out who the hell Princess Omaka is.

  3. Actually I agree with Guardmarman – the second one wasn’t that good.  I’m going to flip through the 3rd in the comic store tomorrow. – i hope this series gets better.

  4. I really don’t want to drop this book but it’s gotta dazzle me quick.

  5. I liked it but I didnt like the 2nd story.

  6. This was fun! im still in.

  7. I keep buying this book because the art is so kick ass.  As soon as I open it  up, however, i realize that no amount of art can make up for the complete lack of plot.  I suppose the fighting is the point, but I just wish there was something interesting to read, not just look at.

  8. loved planet hulk and love this.

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