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  1. So cool that Pak’s on this. Hulk stories have fared well on other planets. Let’s hope his son’s do too.

  2. I haven’t dug any of the other Planet Hulk/WWH spin-offs, but I’ve really been looking foward to this one for some reason. All that I seen looks good and Ron Garney on the artwork is awesome.

  3. Sakaar + Greg Pak = Awesome so far…

    This has great potential

    Plus Ron Garney, so hellz yeah.  I’ve been psyched for this since i saw the waaay early ad for it at the end (i think it was) Planet Hulk. 

  4. I didn’t read ALL of the Planet Hulk or World War Hulk … so, does anyone know if all of that will be required reading to get into this? Would I be totally lost?

    I hope not, because I love the sound of this & Garney is one of the best guys working today.

  5. Hey Wade, I would re-read Planet Hulk and Ignore WWH,

  6. Sakaar was awaome I wish Hulk stayed there.

  7. Planet Hulk rocked my face off!  Can’t wait for this one

  8. I also cant wait for this, since I loved planet hulk so much, and also thought WWH was ok.

  9. Ah, glad to know I only need to read Planet Hulk.  I read Sakaar last night and like what I see, but want to know a bit more of the back story.

  10. Just outta curiosity, what is it that makes WWH so bad? I’ve never heard anything negative about it except for what Ron, Conor and Josh had to say.

    personally, I was wetting myself over how powerful he had become and the possiblilities of just what might happen.  not to mention how tough the barbarian outfit was. can’t wait til skaar’s wearing it

  11. I dont think WWH was bad its just I thought it was gonna be better since it was coming out of Planet Hulk, plus "we" had to wait for the Sentry to come out of his house to beat him the whole time, so "we" knew what was gonna happen.

  12. I hate the Sentry tbh.

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