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General Hume is at the gates of the Maw and he’s brought Hell with him! It’s the final showdown between the forces of good and evil, and no one is safe. If Drake survives the undead battalion… if he defeats Hume’s malevolent henchmen… he’s still gazing down the barrel of a shoot-out with the Confederate general not even death could stop!

By Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

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  1. Easily the best issue out of the first six. I was reading this issue thinking how good it would be adapted as a movie. This has kind of a Sam Raimi vibe to it.

  2. Wow, that really did move fast.

     SPOILERS: I thought the general’s plot was going to carry on for much longer.  I’m sure he’ll be back I just thought he would live for a lot longer.  Also, doesn’t Drake have five of the six now?

  3. They probably plotted it in case the series didn’t sell well enough to last longer 6 issues, but I agree we’ll probably see the General again in the future.

    I don’t know if it was a mistake, but I could’ve sworn I counted 7 pistols at one point, 6 of which were in Drake’s possession in one of the panels. Without pulling the comic out of my short box, I distinctly remember 4 were on his gun belt, and 2 in his hands. Throw in Hume’s wife’s pistol, then that would make 7.

  4. If we are thinking of the same panel, where the general is holding Becky up with his chains, then he has  the General’s gun in his hand, and four that are definitly guns in is belt, then the wifes makes six.  There are two more guns in his belt that look like they might be but you can’t see the red circles on them.  I was equally confused.

  5. I know the panel you’re thinking of. Drake had the pistols he previously carried (two regular guns) plus all of The Six that he had taken. He has four of The Six, Missy still has one, and Becky has the Sixth Gun.

    I can’t say if General Hume will be back or not… but everything leading back to issue 1 ties into what we have planned for the future.

    Thanks for reading, folks!

  6. This has been such a great book. Whole time I was reading it I was thinking maybe it’s just a mini so very happy to see ad for issue 7.

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