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Kirby Hale is a gunfighter, scoundrel, and thief… and he’s not accustomed to losing. He may be reeling from his dalliance with Becky in New Orleans, but now he’s working for the sinister Missy Hume, and failure is not an option! Saloon girls, stagecoach robberies, oracles, and a heaping helping of smarmy charm–Kirby is hot on the trail of the magical six-shooters, but what he uncovers may be more than a rogue can handle.

By Cullen Bunn & Tyler Crook

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  1. I really love this comic. More of you should check it out. I’m not even a western fan. It’s just damn good storytelling every issue. It comes out on time and has a steady creative team. There’s only been one artist fill in before this issue. It was Tyler Crook on #14, too. He was great on that and I’ve enjoyed his BPRD work. If you like that kind of supernatural horror I think you’ll find kindred spirits inhabit this title.

    • I second that! It’s just a ton of fun and really fine storytelling to boot. I grabbed the first 15 issues when they had a sale on Comixology and once I got into it i burned through them and now it’s among my faves each month.

    • Same here. The Comixology sale got me into the book. It’s been my pick of the week several times. It’s really great.

  2. This is one of the best books out there!

  3. Damn that was a fine issue….Kirby Hale, professional bastard…awesome!

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