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In the war for forever, time is only an obstacle. Warriors jump from century to century, their battlefields span all of history but have led them to a stalemate. But now a 16 year old girl from present-day South Carolina will turn the tide. The symbol on her chest makes her part of this war, but will she save us or damn all of creation? New YorkTimes best-selling scribe Mike Carey (Age of X, The Unwritten) and Leonard Kirk (New Mutants) begin the next great comic epic.

STORY BY Mike Carey
ART BY Leonard Kirk & Ed Tadeo
COVER BY Jelena Djurdjevic & Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. On one hand I like Mike Carey, on the other hand it’s not at all like the previous CrossGen book. But we’ll see where it goes.

  2. I really liked the previous iteration of this book but am very interested to see what Marvel has planned with the re-launch of the Crossgen line.

  3. I never read it, but I might check it out.

  4. really love mike carey, lucifer is one of my all time faves, but i’m starting to wonder if his books read better in trades. Had to switch to trades with Unwritten cuz i couldn’t follow the complicated story without digging up a prior issue every time a new one came out. Still will try this though

  5. You know what was awesome from CrossGen?  The Crossovers.  Very cool.  I never read any of their fantasy books though, even when the great George Perez was drawing them.

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