Siege: Spider-Man pits Spider-Man against Venom, courtesy of Brian Reed and Marco Santucci!

WRITER: Brian Reed
PENCILS: Marco Santucci
INKS: Marco Santucci
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m on the fence about this. Reed is good sometimes and sometimes it’s just blah.

  2. True, you have a point.  I hope this is good.  Wasn’t impressed with the previews of the other Siege tie ins.  I’m only buying this tie-in and the Secret Warriors tie-in.

  3. You should pick up the loki one.

  4. Actually the art on the preview looks pretty excellent.

  5. The problem with Reed for me is that he writes spidey as really jokey and his jokes aren’t as funny as people like Joe Kelly or Mark Waid. But he does write a great Venom. hurm

  6. Great banter, middling story, concepts that don’t jive with what I know the symbiote suit is like (it’s not supposed to talk, unless this was changed since last I knew), and fairly crappy art in my opinion. A weak 3 stars from me, the dialogue saved it from a 2 (yeah, I’m too kind a grader).

  7. This was surprisingly fun!  Some truly inspired moments.  Very satisfying one shot. 

  8. Is it really that easy to separate the symbiote from its host? You just reach in its mouth and pull out a naked dude?

  9. This was better than Seige: Captain America, but that was a very low bar in my opinion. Overall, a decent distraction but it tried too hard to center on chracter and relationships to be really fun, and it didn’t deliver well on the meatier elements that took up most of the space. On par with most event tie-in stories, which means most readers could safely pass it up and really not miss out on any story elements or entertainment.

  10. As the closest I’m going to get to Siege: Ms. Marvel and as highlighting my current favourite duo I am Quite Pleased. I can’t compare it to any of the other tie-ins because it is the only one I’ve wanted to read.

  11. I liked the Ms. Marvel/Spiderman attraction going on but didn’t really care for the ending with Venom. It felt like the issue should’ve had closure between Spider-man and Venom and and it really wasn’t there.

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