Nick Fury’s plans are revealed in Siege: Secret Warriors, from the team of Jonathan Hickman and Alessandro Vitti!

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Alessandro Vitti

Price: $2.99
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  1. Yoou know, Hickman tries. He really tries to make his tie-ins good. We’ll see what happens

  2. @edward (I know you’re the only one in so far, but still) – Yeah. Hickman’s one shots are awesome. He is amazing.

  3. Let’s not go too far. he’s alright

  4. alright double-shot of Secret Warriors!

  5. @AbirdeyeView: check out the Secret Warriors #15  thread for more discussion

  6. I see what you did here, edward

  7. @edward: His tie-ins are hit and miss. I’ll still give it a shot.

  8. No lets

  9. Did Cap and Fury just  basically make-up for all the Secret War stuff? Or did that happen somewhere else first?

  10. @Alan: After the Winter Soldier, Civil War and Capt’s death… it’s water under the bridge.

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