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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! As Norman Osborn’s siege on Asgard heats up, there is one god missing. But not for long, and he’s got company. The true face of Norman Osborn stands to be revealed, and this may be the god to do it!

WRITER: Brian Reed
PENCILS: Chris Samnee
COLORED BY: Matt Wilson
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. well I for one am looking forward to more blockbusting Urich, random guy, Volstagg buddy comedy drawn by Samnee.

  2. The quality of this book was overplayed in the last podcast.  The Siege book is far better.  just wanted to set that record straight.

  3. Had I known Chris Samnee was doing this, I would’ve gotten it last month.  I’d go back and get it, but Siege and New Avengers were kinda disappointing.  Not bad, just disappointing.

  4. Depends what yo are looking for. Siege is the action movie, this is the more thoughtful companion piece. You hate summer blockbusters, you might very well like this better. I liked it better than round one of Seige, but I felt the underwhelmingness of Seige #1 had a lot to do with the preview taking out so much of the bite and making the whole book feel light and short. We’ll see how round 2 goes. 

  5. I still have a problem with Volstagg just walking around the streets of Chicago and eating in a Diner, and no one reacts to his presence. He has just killed a bunch of people!

  6. I dunno, I’ve seen a lot of fat guys in diners late at night.  perhaps we are to believe this takes place near Halloween and the possibility exists that he has drunkenly stumbled to the diner on his way back from a costume party.

  7. i Loved this issue. I laughed so much and I never laugh at a comic.

  8. This book is awesome and I respect Marvel so much for actually running a story that is a straight up personal statement about the media and political landscape in America. This book alone is making Siege one of the most enjoyable and interesting events ever. Todd Keller = Glenn Beck

  9. Didn’t like it as much as the first issue, but may just be suffering from it being just a middle issue. The political stuff is a bit too on the nose for my liking. I am especially thinking of the scene where Ulrich interviews the convenience store owner and she starts making "I didn’t vote for him" comments. Just too heavy handed. I like my political commentary in narratives to be a bit more subtle.

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