In Siege: Captain America, from Christos Gage and Federico Dallocchio, learn more about the role of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers in this war and how it will define their relationship!

WRITER: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Federico Dallocchio
INKS: Federico Dallocchio
COLORED BY: Giulia Brusco
LETTERED BY: Dave Sharpe
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Im torn about this issue. I love Cap but after reading the preview of this, Im not sure whether this issue is worth it. Can anybody give me any feedback that will push me either way. 

  2. Christos Gage writes an event tie-in like none other can

  3. Mmm….still on the fence. 

  4. Written by Christos "Thankless tie-in" Gage. He’s a good writer, but he seems to write these kind of issues by the truckload. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with a big profile book w/ Avengers Academy.

  5. How come Brubaker did not write this?

  6. @AmirCat: He’s busy.

  7. @AmirCat Because this will not actually be important to Cap/Bucky continuity.

  8. @A Birds Eye View – You’re telling me you read Gage’s "Thunderbolts: Secret Invasion" tie in…and liked it?!

  9. Avoid this! Please! Save yourselves! This was terrible. The worst comic I’ve read in a long time. I like Gage’s previous work but… wow… unforgivable that this was written, drawn or published. Characters looked fuzzy/furry. Everything was flatly colored, as if someone handed me the inked pencils and I filled it in on Photoshop. We have another crazy mid-western family, who learn no lesson by the end, they’re just stupid the whole time. Cap and Bucky are rehashing plot points from Reborn and Who Will Wield… ugh. 1/5. Oh, and a note: If you’re going to say a character crosses their fingers to indicate they’re not knocked out, it might be a smart move to not hide one of the character’s hand behind a rock and the other off-panel. Just saying. Oh, and Cap’s shield randomly disappears from time to time in over-packed panels.

  10. @PraxJarvin agreed, on all counts. especially on the art. that was TERRIBLE.

  11. @KickAss, well he does one-shots better, but yes I did enjoy that arc.

    the Crossfire page was a little hard to follow, not the greatest storytelling.  other than that, I didn’t see much wrong with the art here.  Dallocchio left room for the colorists to work, it’s not overly rendered with lots of cross-hatching.

  12. That this book is averaging a 3.1 rating atm baffles me. This book was beyond awful.  I don’t understand why this tale needed to be told. Brubaker told this exact story over the long haul much more elegantly. I suppose it would have been a home run if it had worked. A nice wrap-up for non Cap readers. 

    The art was beyond bad. I posted a pic to twitter the other day of an image of Cap punching someone in the foreground of the panel. The perspective on that image was way way off, even to my untrained eye. All in all. yuck. 

  13. A poorly done job, bad all around. Weak writing supported by art that couldn’t carry the narrative clearly or with any measure of excitment. To cap it off, I found the art didn’t suit my taste, so in addition to doing a poor narrative job I didn’t enjoy looking at it. Comics like this are what give big crossovers a bad name. And for good reason too.

  14. I thought the writng was excellent but the art carried no weight with it at all.

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