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  1. Micheal Lark? this is going to be the shit

  2. I believe all of the Siege books (or at least the main ones like this) are going to be oversized to make it up for being $4. Which I am going to support Marvel for, by using my wallet.

  3. See Jeph Loeb, you can reveal a secret and people might actually want to buy it more and not less.

  4. With Lark doing the art, I will probably have to pick this up. I usually dont get any of the Marvel event books, but I think I’ll give this a chance.

  5. Hard to keep pace with an event like Blackest Night, but I find the MarvelU a very exciting place right now.  And that excitment has me, at the moment at least, totally buying into the hype of this event/mini series.

  6. I love Finch’s art, but this cover is no good. 

  7. No more event books for me. My wallet says so.

  8. I was going to stay far far away from Siege, but what with Thor being so involved, I figured I would at least check it out. It seems like the only way I’ll get some sort of conclusion out of JMS’s run. I’m glad it will only be 4 issues, and I’m only buying this, the mini, and Thor, so we’ll see how it goes.

  9. I’m very curious about a Bendis-Lark collaboration.  their first together?

  10. I don’t know anything about the "Cabal" but I’m on board for the Seige event so I gotta get the prelude, right? I also agree how is Marvel going to keep up with Blackest Night? BMB is good, but not as good as Johns…

  11. Ouch!

  12. The first Cabal issue was brilliant, hopefully this will be them arguing around a table for 48 pages, no need to punch anyone.

  13. BMB is kind of a meh writer. I dropped New Avengers and thinking of dropping Dark Avengers because most of the time its pretty bland.

  14. The idea that it might just be "them arguing around a table for 48 pages" is exactly why I’m not buying this. That scenario was cute the first twenty times I saw it; it isn’t cute to me anymore.

  15. Siege isn’t going to be another year-long, all-consuming, one-shots and tie-ins galore event, is it?

  16. @Jspegle  from what i remember it’s just a four issue mini with tie ins so it won’t last a year or anything

  17. Kinda surprised by how short they are making Siege.  Not complaining, just surprised.

  18. @MisterJ  Bendis said he had a clear plan for it and he wanted it to be like an action movie, just big ass moments and to move us through some earth shattering shit and come out the otherside to find all these old toys and new scenarios to play with

  19. @Roi-I can get behind that idea.  From your description, it seems like a Millar idea/style, except with repercussions and consequences!!

    Best of both worlds!

  20. @RoiVampire- That sounds exactly how Secret Invasion was described.

  21. @Ruo21  I remember him saying it would be like an action movie but we never new there would be a major power shakeup like dark reign. he alluded the skrulls might win but never really alluded to moving toward something like this

  22. Must know who Norman’s secret weapon is.  I really hope there’s been a good reason Loki or Doom didn’t smack him down when he first showed up.

  23. Finally, Finally, Finally!!! I am so pumped for this.  January couldn’t come any sooner. 

  24. just had a thoght what if marvelman is normans secert weapon

  25. @oldmanlogan88-that idea has been passed around and it is very interesting and plausible.  Bendis could have made it a mystery as they were still in negotiations.  Since he is ‘tabula rasa’ as far as the ‘Marvel U’ is concerned they can fit him in any way that they want.

  26. I don’t think Marvelman has anything to do with this.  Bendis had the secret weapon in mind when the first Dark Reign issue came out last December, which means he had it planned in Summer ’08 or even sooner.  the Marvelman negotiations probably ended close to this past San Diego.  it seemed like one of those things they announce right away even if very little is figured out creatively.

  27. @abirdseyesview-You might very well be correct that Marvelman is not involved.

    But you cannot preclude the idea.  We have no idea when the negotiations started, or even when Marvel decided to go after the property.  As such, Bendis might have left it a ‘secret weapon’ to keep the option of using Marvelman open in case they actually got him.

  28. someone on here has to back me up on this.  as far as everything I’ve ever read or listened to, Bendis would not put in a "secret weapon" without knowing not only what characters were definitely on the table, but exactly what character it was.

    also, do we know for sure it’s a who and not a what?  I can’t quite remember exactly how the scene played out. 

  29. @RoiVampire- Some things are different. I just wish we were shown rather than promised quality, crossing my fingers that this event can do that. Think that’s why I loved War of Kings so much, it wasn’t overly hyped, but it delivered in all areas.

  30. This is typical BMB MU writing, okay but not great. No big reveals.

  31. I really like Iron Patriot on that cover but doom looks wrong, his torso looks…, i don’t know but it looks weird

  32. More filler. All these one-shots falling short of delivering anything that cannot be recapped in a few panels are beyond old. I wouldn’t be suprised to see the Void as Osborne’s "secret".

    What would be cool is if they used Adam the Blue Marvel.

  33. Wake me up when this thing is over….  okay, Okay I’ll check it out at least.

  34. I think that was the most pointless comic I’ve read in a while.

  35. Bendis’s best "Avengers" writing in a while

  36. OK correct me if im wrong here but isn’t Asgard currently located in Latveria? I thought it was moved in Thor a while back. they keep referencing that Asgard is on American soil in this comic but i could swear it’s not. If I’m right, that seems like a pretty big error that got by editorial

  37. For those thinking it may or may not be Marvelman as the secret weapon, it’s worthy mentioning that Bendis wrote the Spawn tie-in title HellSpawn before jumping to Marvel. And… he started using Marvelman in that title with McFarlane’s permission. This was what created the most recent legal debacle over the character. The character ended up becoming "Man of Miracles" when the storyline moved back into the main Spawn book.

  38. @mikegraham – I think the physical Asgard stayed in Oklahoma, but all the Asgardians moved to Latveria. 

    @Prax – Ya know, Marvelman never occured to me, and it would’ve been the reveal of the century.  Fucker!

  39. which should i get: this or dark avengers annual 1?

    ugh, marvel and its prices, making me choose like this.

  40. @mansuper – I would pick up Siege.  Although Dark Avengers has a great image at the ending that is a total spoiler for another story, but if you’re into that then Dark Avengers would be good for you.

  41. As I was reading this, I was well on the way to awarding it a 5. It was solid, a bit too talky, which is quickly becoming less and less entertaining and more "Get on with, BMB!". However, there were two main sticking points I had with the issue. (See below) So it ended up as a 4/5 for me.

    Some minor SPOILERS follow:  The non-reveal reveal of the "secret weapon" was handled well… except for one problem: That shadowy character disappears from the rest of the issue for no reason. It’s standing behind Norman when the crickets show up and is never drawn again in the issue. Why does Sentry even need to come help when that’s standing right there!? The second issue is the too-on-the-nose Civil War rehash. I know why it’s there, I get the symmetry, but it’s just dumb. And soured my whole experience with the issue.

  42. HOLY CRAP was this excellent!  Gentlemen & Gentlemen, we have the "Pick Of The Weeeeek!" 

    The face offs and character depth is incredible writing.  And Lark’s art looks excellent.

  43. When did Loki become a dude again?


  44. I really, really like how Lark draws Doom’s mask and face underneath.


    "and his mysterious threat to Doom is revealed."

    Is this in reference to the power behind Osbourn’s throne? If so, it wasn’t revealed. Kind of annoyed they’re going to keep that shady until (I’m guessing) the end of act two.

  45. Good jumping on point? I’ve read very little Dark Reign stuff (just Punisher and New Avengers up to the Sorcerer Supreme arc).

  46. Awesome. 2nd best book this week.


  47. I thought this was a solid issue.  4 out of 5, approaching 5 out of 5.  I agree with PraxJarvin’s sticking points.  However, having read a lot of BMB, I would suspect that the shadowy figure’s disappearance will ultimately be explained, but until then, we, the readers, are left wondering, "WTF!?!".

    I agree with OttoBott that Marvel needs to reign in their hype because they are just letting down their fans when they say something is going to happen and it doesn’t actually happen.

    Miyamotofreak, this is probably as good a jumping on point as any.  I don’t think you need to have too much background to enjoy this issue and it sets up Siege nicely. 

    Mansuper, if it were me and I could only pick up one, I would pick up the Dark Avengers Annual #1. 5 out of 5, IMO.  There is some great action, really good character development, and I gotta believe that, not only are the events in this story going to affect the Siege / Dark Avengers storyline at some point, I also think this story will have larger ramifications in the overall Marvel Universe.

  48. Lark’s art really made this issue.  The story really made me curious as to how the members of the Cabal get involved in Siege.

  49. Thought this was going to be my potw for sure… then I read Jonah Hex.

  50. almost done with my books and this is the second best i’ve read so far (behind DA Annual) I’m not sure who this mystery weapon is and I don’t care.  It’s not that I don’t want to know, but I’m alright with the mystery for now.

    The only thing more entertaining than the rise, will be the fall.

  51. God, the Sentry is useless. USELESS USELESS USELESS!!!!!!!!




  53. Lark was amazing on this book. Shame about the story.

  54. Really great issue, wish Bendis was this solid more often.

  55. @miyamotofreak : I’ve never even read any dark reign so this must be better for you.. yes.. Jump on..

  56. I was listening to Around Comics podcast, the dude that owns a comic shop said that the mysterious person is molecule-man.  Lots of problems if this is true, considering that the most recent issue of Dark Avengers, Norman did not know who the molecule-man was, but this dude was introduced at the formation of the Cabal.

    Also, I’m not sure if molecule-man is a well-known character, no one would look at him and have the reaction that was deplicted.  How many times does it take for others to figure out that most likely a Dr. Doom or Fury is usually a robot.

  57. No way it’s Molecule Man. When the Dark Avengers (Norman included) meet him in their last issue, they don’t know him. That’s a really stupid guess.

  58. Hey what ever happened to that one dude that exploded Alpha Flight? I lost track of him after those issues way back when. Could shadowy figure guy be that guy?

  59. Does anyone think the mystery figure could just be one of the failed Clor experiments?

  60. @magnum240-that’s a new one.  Interesting idea.

  61. I don’t understand why people throught the Sentry was useless in this. He tore the Doom-bot apart and stop the little bug robots. He did something

  62. @edward: +1 

    I thought The Sentry’s appearance on Moon Knight was only for hype of the Crazy vs. Crazy thing. I get it now.

    I wish someone like Opena will draw Siege.

  63. Eh

  64. "eh" what "eh"?

  65. "eh" as in "meh". 

  66. @cromulent- Michael Pointer, Weapon Omega, is a member of Norman’s Dark X-Men.  and prior to the Utopia storyline, he was building hospitals in either Canada or Alaska.

  67. Oh

  68. Wow I’m glad I got this, I really enjoyed it.

  69. I was thinking that maybe Norman’s secret weapon is his son……you know its gonna be messed up what with the Goblin serum in his blood and the all kinds of messed up that Lilly Hollister is…it would explain why people don’t know what it is (I’m sure its ugly as all hell), we know that the Goblin serum makes his children grow quicker (Sins Past) and it makes sense as to why Doom says Osborne and his son won’t be so lucky next time, since Doom should know that Norman and Harry don’t like eachother…..though I don’t know how to explain the powers it seems to have….

  70. @Cubman987: good point.  i like it

  71. Doom, The Hood, Task Master; The Cabal = Team Hoodie

  72. @captbastr : Team Pete Wentz

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