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Jen and Lyra hunt for the remaining members of The Intelligencia! This time, their mission takes them to the heart of Russia, where they face the deadly Red Ghost and his Super-Apes!

Can the two Gamma-gals defeat their simian foes? Will Jen rekindle an old romance? And will Lyra survive gym class?

Written by Harry Wilcox
Art by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.9%


  1. Is this a mini or not? The cover does nto explicitly state if it is. Usually it says 2 of 4, as opposed to just 2.

    Loving the art and well, I love Jen Walters so this is all good.

  2. @har13quin  It’s a mini. It started out as an on-going but was changed to a mini (probably based on pre-orders of the first issue).

  3. Enjoying this as well, the Lyra high school scenes were great.

  4. thanks for the info Connor.

    As much as I like the characters I am slightly relieved that it is only a mini. I was stretching my budget for ongoings to get this.

    The Lyra high school stuff is fun, its good and important to include those human elements.

  5. @har13quin  Haven’t really been into the whole back to high school perspectives in comics previously, like in Ultimate Spider-Man, but that clique sizing up Lyra was pure entertainment.

  6. Lyra is one of these characters that I don’t know very well, but I want to find out more about. Really enjoyed issue 1, looking forward to this one.

  7. Really enjoyed this, the high school clique is like a chorus observing and commenting on the action.

  8. It’s a crime this only has 87 pulls.  C’mon people!

  9. So this is a dollar less than the first issue for some reason?  I enjoyed the preview I read but I didn’t want to pay 4 bucks for it.

  10. Soooooooo much fun! Wish this was ongoing…

  11. This was a fun book. I read it along with Captain America & the Korvac Saga. They were both nice light action books. It kind of felt like the Red Ghost was swept up too quickly though. I liked the Wizard interactions with the hulks. I also agree with the panel of the week selection from this book. Good times.

  12. yea i really enjoyed this book.Lyra in high school was intresting to say the least.Characters are great and i never really cared for Lyra till issue 1 of this series.The writer did a great job of making a personality for her that u can realate.Trying not to get off the subject to much but Lyra and Jen remind alot of Power Girl and Terra.They make a great team together and their personalitys blend well together alot like Kara and Terra’s do.

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