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Blaze, the current ruler of Hell, has an offer for Mary and Billy Batson that may be too good to pass up! Left powerless, will the two former heroes have the strength to deny the devil? Can Freddy Freeman save them? And how does the Titan Osiris fit into it all? Find out here, in this one-shot special written by Eric Wallace (TITANS) with art by Cliff Richards (THE ROAD HOME: BATMAN & ROBIN #1)!


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  1. Nice cover

  2. Indeed, AmirCat!  I like Shazam and hope folks buy this.  He either needs his own series or to be on some team regularly. 

  3. I really like Shazam, but may wait a little on this.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this…I thought that somewhere in Titans, there would be the continuation of the Shazam story that went through 52 and JSA since it features Osiris, but no real dice. THis’ll hopefully be good.

  5. I’ll wait to hear what people say about this.

  6. i cant believe after being a 50s rock icon and being probably 80 cliff richards is now drawing comics

  7. @Evangelion11  hahah that’s a good one!

  8. Looks like I’m finally buying a DC book again! Woohoo!

  9. Hmmm I really love that cover… and I really like Shazam… But I’m really skeptical… I think I’ll pick it up anyway. 

  10. is this the first thing since trials of shazam?

  11. While I am a Captain Marvel fan, I am not a fan of the few stories I’ve read by Eric Wallace.  I hope this doesn’t disappoint, but my expectations are low.  Quite low.  And especially with Osiris being stuck in the book (why couldn’t he have stayed dead?)

  12. I’m curious, but i’ll prob have to wait on this….

    and what’s up with that hair? 

  13. @drummerman1126  Well not really it is the first since JSA #25 (I think)

  14. @wallythegreenmonster @g0ofgnewt  He was in JLA: Cry for Justice, but I think this is his first real solo story since Trials.

  15. I’m wondering if the Wizard Shazam will finally pay Freddy a visit in this issue.  He seemed like that was at the top of his to do list after that JSA arc. 

    I’d love to see a Shazam ongoing of any sort at this point, or at least have him on a team book.  Cry for Justice doesn’t really count (for spoilery reasons).

    I read the whole series of Billy Batson & the Magic of SHAZAM to fill the Marvel Family void left in the main DC universe, but even that has ended.

  16. While I’m allways happy for a new Shazam book I feel this issue is only coming out for the cover

  17. Can we just get back to Marvel Family status quo already?

  18. Hmm…how about Freddy staying as Cap, and Billy Batson becoming the next Cap Jr.    Could be an interesting twist to explore…though again not something I want to see forever.

  19. Bummed to see this was a one-shot. 🙁

  20. I agree with AquaPimp82 completely.  I looked through this and passed.  Freddy Cap just seems weak.

  21. Surprised by how good this was. If you dig the Marvel family, I recommend.

  22. Freddie as Capt Marvel just doesn’t work.
    There’s a lack of true Shazam mythos with this character, like everything prior no longer matters or exists.A long haired Capt Marvel doesn’t work anymore than a long haired Superman did all those years ago.

  23. Couldn’t pull the trigger on this. The art looked generic, and the long haired Captain Marvel does not work for me at all. 

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