The dead rising are rising in New Orleans.

The Deadside is spreading throughout the city, while a sinister new menace gathers an army that can’t be killed. Meanwhile, Jack is about to discover that his Shadowman powers are as much a curse as a blessing.

Writer: Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher
Penciler: Patrick Zircher
Cover Artist: Patrick Zircher, Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


  1. Still enjoying this books.

  2. Last issue was excellent.

  3. Hell yeah last issue was excellent! I just read the first arc again last night and it was better than the first time.Valiant is putting out great stuf right now….too bad they”re always low on the pull lists. You people are missing out.

  4. I’ve been ultra-impressed with this series so far! I never read the “original” from several years ago, and hadn’t even heard of Shadowman until this series started. I’m so glad I took a chance and picked up issue #1. Despite several other good issues that came out this week, this is my POTW.

    I love the depth of story; which I’ve heard the other Valiant titles have as well, and hope that this title is around for years to come. Depending on how “wide” they wish to take this character, the “gods” and “spirits” that have been mentioned in historical tradition are near limitless……so there are plenty of stories for Shadowman outside of New Orleans’ Voodoo.

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