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  1. Please be better than issue #2 was. If it’s not, this is the first Valiant relaunch book I’m calling a bust and dropping.

    • I dropped X-O after #8, but this and Archer and Armstrong are next. I’ll wait to drop Bloodshot until after the Harbinger Wars crossover. The only series Valiant’s putting out that I feel is in any way a must-read is Harby.

    • @Xtianhardy I’m with you. Im a long time Valiant fan, and only sampled this, X-O and Harbinger. Dropped this after the first issue, and unless something goes really good with the first prelude issue, I’m dropping X-O at 9, its gotten sorta predictable and boring. It’s ok, just not worth my $4. Harbinger continues to push though, by far the best book. I don’t know why they messed with a good thing at Shadowman, but I barely got through the first issue.

    • Harbinger and X-O are top of the stack books for me. Harbinger just keeps getting better and better. A&A started off slow for me, but now I love it.

      I’ve been enjoying Bloodshot, but the story needs to get going. It’s the balls out crazy moments that keep it interesting.

      Shadowman #1 was fine, but #2 was a dog. I think they messed with the concept a bit too much.

    • I agree with Firevine. Some of the ideas introduced in V2 Shadowman (Deadside, Jaunty, etc) were interesting but personally I found the original concept of the character to be the most compelling, because it left you wondering (in the initial issues anyways) whether Jack was actually possessed by the Loa or whether he just became violent and unhinged after his near-death experience in the first issue.

  2. What?!?

    I really enjoyed issue #2.

    And, Xtianhardy, you dropped X-O after issue 8?????

    Issues 5-8 were OUTSTANDING.

    • Personally, I thought 5-8 was overly drawn out and the introduction of Ninjak forced and unnecessary. I respect that Venditti is doing by trying to flesh out the character of Aric, but I absolutely hate the pacing of this series. The original X-O Manowar might not have been as historically accurate as far as Visigoth culture is concerned, but holy crap, by like issue #3 he had already slaughtered the Spider Aliens and taken over as the CEO of Orb Industries. It took until Issue 8 of this new series just for him to fight back.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that X-O is abjectly terrible or that Archer and Armstrong isn’t a fun read. They’re both okay, but neither of them feel “essential” to me and there are other comics I could be spending my money on. Harbinger is the only title I feel they’re putting out that is relevant in any way.

  3. I’m still enjoying all the titles though I consider Shadowman the weakest so far, but it could get better in this issue.

  4. Yeah I am loving all of the Valiant books and the art in Shadowman is what does it for me. Loving X-O and Archer & Armstrong the most right now. When I get my books from the comic shop I go to, I tend to read the Valiant books before any others.

  5. I still love all the Valiant books too, this has really been a fantastic relaunch of the line.

  6. Ok, DEFINITELY an improvement over issue #2. I liked this one.

  7. I thought this issue was pretty good, and so far every issue has been good.The story keeps building and growing, can’t wait for the showdown between shadoman and darque.

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