Misty Knight…The Shroud…Silver Sable…Paladin! As Shadowland continues to spread across New York City, the strange bedfellows finally come together–each struggling to solve the mystery of the Hand murders! The killing spree shows no sign of stopping, but the ninja’s latest victim is an unusual choice, and casts doubt among our heroes! Will their differences and mistrust keep them apart? Or can they work together to cut through the mystery before it’s too late…and before one of them becomes the next target?

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Wellinton Alves
Cover by Francesco Mattina

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. This tie-in has been surprisingly good.

  2. I agree but I still say that Silver Sable is just a waste of pages here.

  3. This one is better than the Colleen Wing mini.

  4. @Grandturk Its not hard to be better than the Colleen Wing Mini. Its terrible.

  5. @ Minion – just saying… lol

  6. If this was the enterance of Silver Sable it would have been great. Too bad there was that stupid stuff in the last two issues. My theory is that its a gang of cops taking out those that they can’t apprehend legally. 

    And they had to remind me about that stupid I Am An Avenger story that explained away Misty’s baby.  Just a spark of Chi my ass…

  7. the baby’s not real?  if so, that’s probably good.  I was about to say that the Rand-Knight baby is going to be worse off than Danielle Cage.  especially after the beating Misty takes at the end

  8. it is amazing that this creative team is managing to make a bunch of characters running around saying, "I think something is up with Daredevil" interesting.

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