Shadowland ends here — but who is the victor? Can the people of Hell’s Kitchen rebuild without a champion to guide them? The future of Marvel’s street heroes begins here!

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Marco Checchetto and Roberto De La Torre
Cover by David Finch

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  1. I truely believe the Johnston’s Daredevil is better than Diggle’s Daredevil…. Hopefully I’m right and this doesn’t just piss me off more like Shadowland did.

  2. To argue Johnston vs. Diggle is like weighing jock itch vs. athletes foot IMO. This “stunt” has made me even more wary of purchasing Marvel’s monthly stuff. I wish I had “trade waited” Shadowland, then I could have skipped it.

  3. The preview for this looks pretty solid though. I’ve really been a fan of the Ben Urich issues.

  4. @CaptainSweatpants I’m basing this solely on the fact that the Blood on the Streets mini was at least enjoyable, if predictable, While Shadowland was an abortion that needs to be forgotten.

  5. Is this where we find out how Black Panther fits into all of this?  I haven’t seen him mentioned in any of the Shadowland stuff.  I like BP and will read the new book, but I’ve got no clue why he’s doing it.

  6. I, along with everybody else it seems, was bitterly disappointed with the Shadowland mini. Glad when the final chapter of this mess is behind us

  7. Feels like a justification of the Diggle run. Making excuses and turning Hell’s Kitchen into Clinton.

  8. Just read this issue, man what a turnover from the whole Shadowland event pile of crap. The first issue of after the fall definitely feels likes it’s a Daredevil comic back to form(THANK GOD!). This also makes Shadowland remind me of the analogy “the end justifies the means”. I loved when Iron fist stood in for Daredevil during Civil War so I’m excited to see Black Panther do the same. 

    As an aside I hope Billy Tan’s work with DD is donel, he just doesn’t have a gritty enough style and I just wasn’t a fan of his work on Shadowland.

    Also for the record, I’ve learned my lesson, I will NEVER AGAIN complain about Daredevil not getting his own event.

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