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THE SHADE #7 (OF 12)

The Shade, with his new allies La Sangre and Montpelier, must stop The Inquisitor from enacting his doomsday plan to literally bring hell to Earth.

Plus: your first glimpse of the men responsible for the creation of The Shade!

Written by:
James Robinson
Pencilled by:
Javier Pulido
Inked by:
Javier Pulido
Cover Color by:
Tony Harris
Lettered by:
Todd Klein

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This series has been great and shows James Robinson still has it.

  2. I just re-read the last few issues, and I think this is such a fantastic series. The story is cool as hell, and the artwork has been rad. I hope Javier Pulido gets put on a new book soon, I have become a big fan of his.

  3. I loathe vampires, I love La Sangre…stellar job James and Javier.

  4. This issue felt like it was going to be bigger however; it really never delivered. Normally this has been a consistent title and there has been two other issues at the 3 rating level. The rest of this maxi-series has been very deep, Shade and his daughter (sorta of daughter) really makes you feel and hope for the Shade.This issue I think the artwork although had the old time feeling just really started to bother me as I really could not tell what some things were in the background and the big trappy device really was kinda of lame looking and really thought it was a lazy writing idea as well. I get the purpose of what it was for and what it represents, just did not care for it.


  5. Loved the story and writing, but the art was really bad in a few spots.

  6. I agree with Flash923. As much as I have been loving, loving, loving this title… this #7 was the weakest installment, unfortunately. Three issues devoted to this Spanish subplot proved too much. I grew weary of the art, and desperately wanted Robinson to refocus on just what the hell The Shade is doing in Barcelona (and in this title itself), as the details of La Sangre’s battle with The Inquisitor were not enough to continue entertaining me through a third full issue. Also, The Shade’s bleak musings about his wife at the end were somewhat confusing.

    I’m looking forward to the change in art/direction of the next issue…

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