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SEX #3

There are a million stories in Saturn City, and Simon Cooke’s is just one of them! His future may be wide open, but the past is hot on his tail! The Old Man can still get it up!

No two ways about it — this is the perfect time to pay for SEX!  It’s even better than you think!

Story by Joe Casey
Art by Piotr Kowalski

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. This has been slow so I’m gonna give it a few more issues, hopefully it’ll get going?! (soon)

    • I thought last issue picked it up a lot. World and story is a def slow build but there was enough to keep me going.

    • This issue was a step-up but I feel like not a lot is happening, not enough to speed up the story. I’m just worried that it’ll be #8 & then Simon has to don the old armour for battle & then reverts back to type.

      There’s too many slight character in-sights & I just find the main protagonist doesn’t really appeal yet, I like Casey a lot so I’ll persist for another issue or two!

  2. I agree the pace has been slow; but it’s the highlighted colouring on the lettering when they want to emphasize word that fucks this up for me

  3. I disagree about the pacing — it’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying the story.

    Yeah, those highlighted words are kinda weird though . . .

  4. I actually dig the highlighted words because I like stuff that sucks apparently….

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