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SEX #2


Simon Cooke’s journey into the underbelly of Saturn City continues. Think about it… how repressed would YOU be after waging a war on crime for the entirety of your adult life? What happens when the superhero power fantasy finally ends?

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Story by Joe Casey
Art by Piotr Kowalski

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. The first issue intrigued me, so I am gonna check this issue & the third one out. I do like Casey’s work!

  2. I have this on my pull list but the first issue so underwhelmed me I have almost no interest in this. Suffice to say, if this issue isn’t great, I’m out.

    • im glad im not the only one that feels this way, i saw a lot of people praising the first issue. i didnt see it though, but i guess you cant judge a new series based on 1 book

    • Same here, but what I decided was that there’s a large share of contrariness in Casey’s naming of the book, its marketing, and subversion of expectations in the first issue. So, I’m still going to check out issue 2 to see what I find now that I know (or think I know) what this comic actually is.

  3. Wotta cover!!

  4. I’m in. Casey has a unique voice and goes in different directions than what you expect.

  5. I was not a fan of the first issue of this, but this second has completely reeled me back in. These first two issues should have been combined as an oversized 48 page special.

    • I agree. First issue didn’t do much for me but this one pulled it all together. Also Casey’s essay at the end of the book is fantastic.

    • 36 pages actually. Each issue has only been 18 pages. Not sure if that itself is Casey’s commentary on the state of superhero books at the moment – but felt too sparse for me to continue on. Glad to see others are getting into it though.

  6. I put this back on the shelf. I felt like they tricked me the first time, didn’t want to get fooled again. I don’t need 18 pages of dull story along with some rant about why Joe Casey doesn’t like superheroes anymore. He is now on my list of writers to avoid.

  7. I think the hardest thing for me is not knowing how long this will run. With finances a big concern these days (probably for most people), it’s hard to stick with a book that isn’t over-the-top wonderful, not knowing what kind of investment I’ll have to make.

    I know Casey did the same with Butcher Baker, & I really like the idea in theory, that you don’t get to know when the end of the story will hit you – but in practice… it’s just too much of a risk/undefined variable. And sorry, but 18 pages is rough. Granted, there’s more story (& probably panels) here than in some superhero books… but then, I’m not reading those either.

  8. It’s pretty clear from the editorial in the back that Casey is writing a book to yank my chain. Ok, that’s cool, but just like he’s not interested in ever seeing The Dark Knight, I’m not interested in reading more issues of Sex. But you did grab six of my dollars Joe Casey, so good on ya for that. You ain’t gettin’ no more.

    • He only got three from me. But this book certainly rubbed me the wrong way. No pun intended.

      See, if this thing wasn’t called Sex it probably would have just been ignored by must and I would have gladly ignored it.

  9. Well, I’ve enjoyed the first two issues of this series. I think that Casey has set the ground work for some very interesting character studies. The first issue drew a lot of comparisons to Watchmen & Night Owl, though now Casey seems to be going for a spin on the old Batman/Catwoman dynamic. I’ll definitely be sticking around to see where this goes . . .

    I do agree with the compliants about Casey’s rants, um, I mean text pieces. There was something about the one in the first issue that was a real turn off for me and I just skimmed the first half of the one in this issue. Still, I learned long ago that just ’cause someone has an infuriating personality, doesn’t mean they can’t have talent as well . . .

  10. I’m enjoying the comic, didn’t realize it was 18 pages till I read the commets here. That kinda sucks. But the text at the end is really gettig to me. Christ, he’s just too #@%$ing cool for school. Loves movies and comics but won’t watch the Dark Knight!?! He’s like the idiot that’ll go to Egypt but won’t see the pyramids because everybody does it… it’s too comercialized. I never care what creators do outside of their creations but he’s including his in his work sowe’ll see.

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