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Harmony Treblecleff may be the daughter of an eccentric inventor, but she thought she led a pretty normal life. Normal, that is, until the grapes she grabbed from the kitchen suddenly came to life! Suddenly, Harmony is being attacked by a rogue Grape Tyrant from a distant planet (aptly named “Crazy”) and his many tiny minions. Her only hope is the intervention of a new special breed of heroic grape warriors – ones that are SEEDLESS!

Join Harmony as she teams up with her new alien grape pals – Funky, Pulse, Dash & Snap – as they ride jetpacks into the jungle, do battle with electric sabretooths, and reclaim their special robo-weapons called ROBOSTOMPS.

story, art & cover COREY LEWIS

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  1. So jazzed to pick this up!

  2. this looks like it could be fun.

    shame its not a monthly book, I need more fun monthly books.

  3. Yeah I’ve been wanteding to read this for some time, I’m just lazy when it comes to Web Comics.

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