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  1. This comic is awesome!

  2. Really liked the Dark Avengers tie in. I wanna pick up the trade but dont want to pay the extra $5 for the hard cover.  I may be jumping on now. any suggestions.

  3. I would pay the 5 dollars extra for the hardcover if Hickman’s "Secret Warriors Bible", i think it was called at the time, is added as an extra. 

  4. i wouldn’t

  5. @rift1128- Is the "bible" that stuff he released that was all charts and stuff about shield and hydra? I skimmed that but i will reread at some point. 

    Hopefully this issue will build upon the last Dark Avengers with the exploration between Phobos and Ares, and some badassery by Nick Fury.

  6. Happy to see this book is 3rd highest pull (at the moment), I have high hopes it’ll go far. Hickman had clearly put a lot of thought into, so I expect it to build to greatness.

  7. This arc tied in with what issues of Dark Avengers, again?!

  8. Loving this.

  9. Yes Phobos and Ares = awesome. 

  10. @shenanigans ya they had a preview of it.

  11. I really wish I was reading this series.

  12. So, uh, slow week this week and I decided to try SW again. I had stopped at 6, so I picked up 7 and 8 today.

    Reading through issue 7, I see Agent Garrett… as in Garrett from Elektra: Assassin, Agent Garrett?

    Holy shit… if that’s true, that’s awesome.

    Also, I like this art much better.


  13. Wow, I’m on the other side of the fence.  I think that this book is dragging right now.  I was really into the Hydra inner workings stuff and Fury building an army, but I could pass on this crossover.  Doesn’t help that also dropped Dark Avengers.

  14. Why do villains believe that they’ve captured the real Nick Fury?

  15. Big plate full of awesome in this issue.  The Star Wars line, the body issues line, Phobos’ demonstration of power and ability to see the truth/future in individuals, and, of course, the look of paternal pride on Ares’ face.

    @SunnyvaleTrash-Absolutely.  It’s just ridiculous.  Even if you do capture him, they should be wise to the idea that he actually wanted to be captured.  Just shoot him on-site and assume that it is a LMD everytime.  But hey, its comics.

  16. This comic is so good. I loved Ares’s little smile of approval at his son threatning Osborn. Great moment. I also loved the art in this issue.

  17. This was pretty good, in my opinion. I didn’t buy that Norman Osborn wouldn’t be smart enough to know the real Nick Fury, and I felt there were some minor storytelling issues, but outside of that I really liked it. I’m starting to actually care for some of the characters not named Nick Fury, but that still has a bit of a ways to go. 4/5.

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