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  1. I’ve reread the first arc this week, and I think I’m going to give this series another try. It was a lot of fun, and the previews seems to show that the book is going to shift the focus onto the Secret Warriors, so I’ll give the book another go.

    I was interested to hear there was only going to be six arcs, did I hear that write. I wonder where the kids will go next – those that survive.

  2. Yeah, the fact that there is an ending planned is welcomed by me.

    Not that I am against Fury, I just like more definitive stories.

  3. I like this book, but I really don’t like the parts where we see the meetings of the "bad" guys. I’ll keep with it though since I really like everything else about it.

  4. I’m really digging this book. It’s much much better than it’s given credit for. Very intelligent, very cool, very exciting.

  5. The last two issues have been the best so far.  Hopefully this issue keeps the tempo going.

  6. I’m also interested in how this book goes knowing there is a planned ending like so many creator-owned books that come out from Vertigo, Image, etc.  It’ll be odd to have something like that in the MU.

  7. I can’t provide names or powers of any of the caterpillars but found that I greatly enjoyed the first arc.  Knowing that the book is a finite series is an interesting thing that will probably keep me around until the end.

  8. Oh, so now people are coming aroud, changing their minds!  I see.

  9. Hey, some of us have liked this book from the beginning. I agree that we should get to know the warriors a bit better now. It’s not like we don’t already know Nicky and DumDum.

  10. I’m loving this book and I can’t wait for some Phobos centered stuff.  Since this is a finite series I wonder what title Stefano Caselli will do next? Speaking of which why is he not on this issue?

  11. @JesTr – I think that Hickman said in the interview that ran at CBR last week that Caselli was jumping ahead to the next arc.

  12. I’ve always enjoyed the series, I just don’t feel the first six issues were used to correctly. I think the focus should have been on the Secret Warriors. The scenes with them were the most enjoyable to me.

  13. I don’t really care about the kids much, but I think there should be some time spent developing them, and getting people interested in who they are.

    Sounds like an interesting arc that might do just that.

  14. Hope the creative team keeps up the good work on this series, I am enjoying it.  Curious about this new artist.

  15. While, I am not taking anything away from the quality of the last artist (I liked the art quite a bit, actually) I think that the new artist’s style matches better.

    This book just keeps being fun.

  16. I dropped the book…I needed to make some cuts and this was one of them. I did stick it through books 1-6 and really enjoyed the HYDRA stuff. They aren’t actually doing anything with the "Secret Warriors" other than Nick Fury.

    This was always one of the books that I had on my stack but was never excited to read…always a bad sign.

  17. I’d agree that Vitti is better suited for this title than Caselli.

  18. @ ABirdseysview  Wow, I couldn’t disagree with you more.  I thought this issue really suffered for NOT having Caselli. 

  19. This is way better than the last arc. And the tone that it’s established in this issue feels right. I like that the characters aren’t in crazy spy costumes all the time. I like feeling like they’re a grungy rag tag underground group.

    So excited to keep going on this now

  20. Fury vs Osbourne. Let it begin.

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