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  1. Secret Warriors the team will get their due with this issue I predict!

  2. That is a cool cover

  3. I hope this is a 22 page brutal murder of the entire team. Except for Fury. Then the book changes to a Nick Fury book.

  4. @SummerSleep – I agree, I thought the last issue was the best so far, mainly because it was all Fury, I could care less about the team at this point, but I’m optimistic.

  5. @SummerSleep: i hope Fury does the brutal murdering. he and the howling commandos should take ’em outside and show ’em what it’s like

  6. I’m just going to repost what I said last issue because it’s all still relevant:

    I really wonder how long this book will last.  Does it just become a Nick Fury solo book with the team/ex-SHIELD agents as support players? Or will Hickman actually get some mileage out of the new characters? Or will it just get canceled after 12-15 issues? 

  7. and by "get some mileage", I mean cause anybody to actually care about them.

  8. Love this artist.

    Interested in this writer.

    Dig on Nick Fury.

    Don’t give a fuck about the team of kids.

    Haven’t been interested in this book since issue #1.

  9. It’s not going to get canceled… it sells more than Superman (and rightly so)

  10. really? wow, I wouldn’t have guessed

  11. Yeah, this book’s better when it’s all about Fury. He’s a damn sexy ol’ silver fox in his skintights.

  12. This book is indeed better when it focuses on Nick Fury, but I’m hoping that something can be made of the younger team. I like the Maria Hill look-alike enough, and the son of Ares could be an interesting character. I’d much rather they be made into something that I want to read rather than the book be changed, the characters disappear/be killed, etc.

    This has been a pretty great book though. Interested to see the finale of the arc.

  13. I think I’m un the minority, I liked Hickman’s writing and the art, I just wish they were putting their skills into building up the kids. I loved the Bendis/Maleev Mighty Avenger’s issue, and would like to see more of the kids – at the moment they seem to be support characters in their own series.

    I couldn’t care less about Nick Fury, he’s never interested me, except as a support character. I’m hoping the Secret Warriors prove themselves in this issue, and the focus of the next arc is on them. I did notice the solicit for Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors doesn’t mention them, only Fury, so I’ve not got high hopes.

  14. I think i might be the only one who loves the team and nick fury equally. I love this whole book

  15. hm, I gotta say I really am curious how, with such little exposure thus far, one can say they love the team.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t, I’m just curious what is seen that so many have yet to see in these characters.

  16. I can’t comment on the entire team, but I have loved everything about Phobos so far, especially that even Fury is afraid of him/what he can do. 

    I admit that I am here mostly because I love Fury, but I do not have anything againsst the characters, except for the Ghost Rider legacy guy

  17. I’m surprised so many people say they could care less about the team.  Is it just because they’ve had so limited exposure?  I think there’s a lot of potential there.  I love Nick Fury, but I’m really hoping to see some focus shift to the team, and I’m not generally into "team" books.  But I find some of the characters very fascinating, particularily Daisy and Phobos.  And from what I’ve seen/read, there’s some indication that Bendis, at least, is hoping to have Daisy become a major player in the Marvel U.  Should be interesting to see how it all unravels.  Looking forward to picking this up on Wednesday.

  18. Unfortunately this book is getting the drop from me. I do like it but need to cut down on books and the end of the arc is a good time to do it.

     I like the team but agree they dont get enough exposure to form a proper opinion of them. I was disappointed to see yoyo drop from the team so early on. The druid guy as well as the big guy with arm stockings seem to have had next to no screen time at all. I dont even properly know what there powers are.

    I want to like this book, the art is lovely and expressive, the team has potential (as I see it) and Nick Fury is always good value. I want to like Jonathan Hickman but (having not read the nightly news, or any of his other work to KNOW his quality) I feel like he is stuggling to find a balance for the book. This issue may change my mind but I doubt it.

  19. @ Abirdseyview/the horseman

    I can see why people couldn’t careless about the team. Since they’ve barely featured, but like the Horseman (great avatar) I can see the potentinal in most of them.

    The scenes with them have been the one’s I’ve enjoyed the most, especially the one in the resturant a few issues back where Alex ("god of fear, god of X-box") foretold their future.

    While some of the characters are definatly underdeveloped (Yoyo and Stonewall spring to mind), the others have enough interesting feautures to want me seem them develope. Alex’s comments to Fury about "maybe rethinking sending kids into battle" made for a great moment, and JT sneaking into Fury’s office sets the tone for his character.

    And like the Horseman indicated, a few forture tellers (Lyla Miller/Alex) had predicted that, Bendis willing, Daisy is going to be a big player one day.

    I beleive I heard Hickman say on a podcast he had the first few years planned, so I have faith this first arc is just laying the ground work. As long as the next arc shifts the focus onto the Secret Warriors I will be in for the long haul.

  20. @har1equin

     If you want to get to know Johnathan Hickman, read his Image work.  The FF:Dark Reign mini that just wrapped up was great too, highly recommended.  This is my least favorite work of his so far, but I am still enjoying it.  I like Fury more than the team, but I am interested in them would like to see them kick some ass.  Maybe it’ll happen in this issue.

  21. I liked this, and I thought the team had some good moments.  I feel like this book is on an awfully slow burn, though.

  22. I love the writing; Hickman’s doing great here and he’s the first writer to make me give an honest shit about Fury. I love the artist; Caselli’s style works even better here than it did on Avengers: Initiative. I love the characters, but we need more of the kids! We haven’t seen their backstory since they were recruited; we need a reminder or at least some Fraction-esque captions for them. Dr. Druid’s kid is my favorite, since I got some 80’s Avengers nostalgia.

  23. I really hope that reveal at the end pays off.  cautiously optimistic here.

  24. "ready to bark at the moon and bite at the sun"

    Dug that speech. Dig this book. 4/5

  25. I wish I had a calendar with ‘quote of the days’ by Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos.  That would be a great way to start my morning… Sipping coffee and gettin’ motivated by a guy named Dum Dum.

  26. Thanks for the info Sunnyvale. I will look into his work some more. There is clearly something to Hickman I need to find out what it is.

  27. This still should be titled ‘Agent of Nothing’

    Still, good issue.  I keep liking it.

  28. @Mister J – It’s subtitled "Agent of Nothing". 

    Issue was good, reveal was a total non-event for me.  I think the book is cool, but, I’m still not really sure what it’s about or where it’s going. 

  29. I’m not sure but I think "Agent of nothing" is just this arc. I think next issue the subtitle becomes "God Of Fear".

    I’m still not sure about this book, I thought this was going to be the SW shining moment, but there were still barely in it. There maybe too much going on with H.A.M.M.E.R, HYDRA, The Howling Commando’s and the scene’s of the evil synicate meeting to devote any time to the Secret Warriors.

    Maybe you guys are right, this should be called Agent of Nothing.

  30. Pretty great issue. Not as good as the last few have been, but a good way to cap off the arc, with a nice focus spread between Nick Fury, the Secret Warrriors, and the Howling Commandos. I loved the reveal and am very interested to see how that pays off. 4/5.

  31. Nick Fury is always brillaint and I am loving the Hydra inner circle and the return of Gorgon.

  32. Good conclusion. Looking forward to Hickman writing on his own now.

  33. Can someone please send these colorists back to school? I’m pretty sure these pencils were good, but the color is so overbearing I can hardly stand to look at it. How does Hickman let this past? His coloring is some of the best in the business!

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