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It’s the dramatic conclusion of WAKE THE BEAST! Leviathan and Hydra go to war. A betrayal from deep within Fury’s organization. More clues to the Zodiac event… And the final fate of the man called Kraken.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Gianluca Gugliotta
INKS: Stefano Caselli
COLORED BY: Sunny Gho - Imaginary Friends
LETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear
COVER BY: Jimmy Cheung

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. bummer, new artist and only inks by Caselli.  let’s hope I don’t notice a difference.

  2. man, this arc has been so boring and stupid. i can’t wait for it to be over

  3. i think this arc would have really ended up paying off in the long run if this book wasn’t ending prematurely.

  4. its ending!?! I freaking love this book! Every bloody issue! FFS.

  5. Ending prematurely? When is it ending, I thought it was a 30 issue run series from the start. Is it ending before then?

  6. I haven’t heard of this ending either. Maybe Hickman is getting spread too thin across other titles.

  7. @USOUNX its ending…… Yes…….thid book been boring

  8. it was planned as a 60 issue story but was cut down to ~28

  9. I thought is was planned to run 30 issues but was getting cut somewhere around 20. Clearly we’ve all heard something different!

  10. that first arc was awesome. remembr how it ended with a kick ass action issue? nick fury got the howling commandos together and captured a helicarrier (that helicarrier has never been referrer to again by the way) Anyway, that was awesome. Nothing as good as that has happened since

  11. Enjoyed the book, but if it is getting canceled, I honestly will say I won’t miss it that much.

  12. I’ve actually really enjoyed this arc with Hydra.  If it’s getting canceled I’ll probably jump off after this arc is done.  I can pick up an extra Avengers title then.

  13. it was originally supposed to be about Preacher length, about 60.  at some point it was supposed to be about 30.  Hickman said on iFanboy vodcast, C2E2 I think, that it was to end in about a year, so 16 plus about 12 makes about 30.

  14. Isn’t 28 about 30?

  15. @edward: Given that this was supposed to be 60 issues you can’t expect the helicarrier to be used right away. I’m guessing that was going to be used in a big epic battle with Hydra at some point far down the line. I really like this book because it DOESN’T feel the need to be all action. Unlike most Marvel books there is real time spent on real character development in SW. Except for Fury and Dum Dum pretty much all of these characters are all brand new characters (unless you count Daisy in Secret War) so Hickman gets to create their personalities and back stories and I think he’s done a great job. The bottom line is most Marvel characters have been around for decades so there is not much new character development with them. The past two years of Iron Man are a nice exception to the rule but one of the few in my experience. Its nice to see a book that really isn’t afraid to put the focus squarely on character at the occasional expense of action. 

  16. who says it is getting canceled?

    and where does it say in the credits that caselli is going to inks???

    isnt the normal system where Stefano Caselli does a run then takes a breather with another artist doing an arc

  17. I have  no idea what’s going on.

  18. This is a confusing internets

  19. I love that Hickman is getting to take some of his childhood ‘Cold War’ factions and make them into Marvel Universe analogs.  We got US, Germany, and USSR all fighting against each other for domination.  Good fun.

  20. Stupid sales! I love all of Hickman’s work and would have been on all the way to 60 to see the story unfurl the way he wanted. Such a shame. Oh well, I will surely enjoy what he gives us in the end.

    I personally think this kind of book could be the future of comics. A series that runs for a set period and then ends. You get a lengthy story over time, which all comics readers like, but there is not the messiness and poor form that you get with decades old books. Like a cross between a tpb and an ongoing. Its the future I tell you!

  21. That’s it, I finally give up. I have no idea what is going on and it’s been 16 issues.

  22. for anyone doubting the end

    "Hickman said that "Secret Warriors" would reach it’s natural conclusion around issue #27 and 28."

  23. also read this:, followed by this:, to see how it was planned for sixty, but he decided it would have a more natural end at around 30.

  24. This issue was a conclusion to the Wake the Beast storyline?  It didn’t seem like a conclusion at all.  One more issue, I say.

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