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Origins, changes…and an ending! This issue has them all! The story of how Strucker and Kraken rebuilt HYDRA. Fury’s new direction for the kids…and one of our team members reaches the end of the road.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Stefano Caselli
COLORED BY: Sunny Gho - Imaginary Friends
LETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear
COVER BY: Jim Cheung

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. It’s no Secret how good this book is

  2. Hickman rules

  3. I just remembered the last page of last issue.  can’t fucking wait..

  4. what was the last page?

  5. IIRC it was the Leviathan dudes with the monsters in tubes getting ready to unleash some hell

  6. Finally we get some more info on Druid!  Didnt Nick Fury say he was out in a previous issue?  Crafty crafty spy tactics.

  7. I think Daisy is keen to keep the team together, she wasn’t too impressed about Fury ordering her to drop Druid.

  8. What is Orion?

  9. This series continues to not impress, but interest me enough with the last page that I’ll stick around.

  10. Woohoo gonna wake up early to pick this up tomorrow (UK)

  11. I’m still picking this up but I don’t think I enjoy it in single issues. I feel that once Hickman is finished it’s gonna read a lot better in trades and the inevitable omnibuses. It seems to be getting back on track lately after the very poor Phobos/Dark Reign tie-in. Fingers crossed.

  12. Ya got me Hickman! Lookin forward to next month.

  13. Gutted by the last page. I know Blackest Night’s last page was a big shock moment, but this was more emotional for me than that.

    I really didn’t think it would happen, who wrote the letter Fury (acting without Daisy’s knowledge) or did Daisy come around.

    I hope this is part of a larger story that that we’ll see more of the Druid

  14. nah, get rid of the fat loser. i couldn’t care less

  15. I have absolutely NO idea what’s going on in this book! Couldn’t make heads or tail of this issue at all. I’m dropping it.

    Still love Hickmans FF though. It’s amazing  how clear that book reads, compared to the mire of Secret Warriors…

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