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Nick Fury quietly moves his forces into place as the war between the armies of LEVIATHAN and the armies of HYDRA kicks into gear. Also, the long-awaited origin of the mysterious HIVE, and we finally find out who the father of STONEWALL is.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Stefano Caselli
COLORED BY: Sunny Gho - Imaginary Friends
LETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear
COVER BY: Jim Cheung

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This is so perfect Marvel, just like his Fantastic Four. I can’t wait for Hickman’s S.H.I.E.L.D.!

  2. Finally! we get to find out who stonewall’s father is!!

    wait, who’s stonewall again?

  3. @rockingeek-SHIELD will either be fantastic or a really ambitious failure.  Either way, I am in for at least the first issue.

  4. haha

  5. @edward- he’s the guy with the shirtless black sleeves.

  6. This is good, but I second @edward here. It’s not like it ever crossed my mind who is father was.

  7. I don’t think anybody cares who is father is.

  8. I care, it was teased way back when he was first introduced in new avengers during secret invasion. also when he first met reed richards he seemed excited to tell him who he was but he got interrupted. i can’t wait to find out

  9. @RoiVampire- Sorry, but I just want him to die.

  10. yeah, he was the one whose background was not explained in Mighty Avengers #13.

  11. Finally, we get to find out who the father of the shirtless guy with the sleeves is!!!

     I hear he’s father is a pantless guy with long socks!!

    P.S. he’s not black, he’s just bald. is conor black?

  12. I need to reread the first 10 issues… I have no idea what’s going on or who anyone but Nick Fury is.

  13. Maybe I just have a better memory or give more of a shit about this book but i know who everyone is, where they came from and i pretty much like all of them

  14. @edward-who called him black?

    The book does have a big cast, but I have not had a problem with who the ‘good guys’ are and where they come from.  The bad guys on the other hand…..

  15. Issue 12. So rare that a new book makes it to issue 12, at the moment. I love this book, and I’m so glad it’s kept going.

  16. @MisterJ: yeah, you’re right. i mis-read rockinggeek’s comment. my bad. i’m still right about green lantern 38 though

  17. Loving the series. The Caterpillar team is great, just wish they got more time, but since it’s the plot that really drives this book I’ve got used to them just being cogs in a scheme.

    If anyones having trouble, re read the first arc or the Mighty Avengers issue they first appeared it, it helped me grasp who everyone was.

  18. yup. this is one of the most intelligent, most entertaining comics out now. People that don’t buy it are ugly

  19. So much layer, but still a straight and focus storyline. Everything’s conected and you can’t wait for the crossroads. Marvel at its best.

    What is Orion?


  20. This book isn’t always awesome, but it always leaves me wanting more. Almost wish I was reading it in trade, though.


  21. I always like this.  Is there anyone who didn’t think it was obvious that Absorbing Man was the father.  I’ve always assumed that.  They have the same powers and look exactly the same.

  22. Does anyone really think Yo-Yo and Stonewall, two people wanted by H.A.M.M.E.R., could just walk into a prison to visit the freakin’ Absorbing Man? Other than that, great issue

  23. @ magnum 240, I thought it a while back when Stonewall was beating on HAMMER, but since they seemed to be a big mystery behind it, I assumed I was wrong.

    @Diabhol – I thought the same thing, that this book would probably make a great trade. I don’t like switching now I’ve started, I know I’ll fall behind, but the idea that Fury’s meeting might run this entire arc makes me think I’d have enjoyed it more in one go.

  24. Stefano Caselli’s art has just become so so good.  I really hope he doesn’t have to take any more arcs off.  This is going to be such a great run of Marvel comics once the series is over.

  25. I was also debating switching to trades on this one but I don’t think I could wait.  I feel like I get a lot out of this book because it always forces me to reread the previous issue before I can read the current one.  Or maybe I just have a horrible memory.

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