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  1. This is a really intelligent and well productioned book. Extremely good.

    If you don’t like it there is something wrong with you, not the book

  2. @edward: Exactly.

  3. @USPUNX: Exactly "Exactly"

  4. @Edward-Exactly, there is something wrong with Conor for dropping this.

  5. hee hee!

  6. Next to Iron Man this is the book I’m most looking forward to this week.

  7. I loved this book at first, but since it got pulled into the Dark Reign, it’s started to stall. I’m gonna stick with it, because the idea of a 30 issue series interests me, and I want to see where Hickman is going to take it, but I hope it leaves the Dark Avengers behind after this arc and continues in the style of the first arc.

  8. Eh… first half recap, second half was interesting. Art was crap. 3/5

  9. Could have done without the recap, but I really enjoyed the rest of it.

    Phobos is by far my favorite new character.

  10. I want hickman on Thor now!

  11. man, i just notice i say the book was ‘well productioned’

  12. This book was on the verge of being dropped, but this issue was really good.  I’m one of the readers who really appreciated the recap.  It filled in some blanks that I had about these characters and made me feel more connected to Phobos &  Ares, when I could have cared less before.

  13. I appreciated the recap, as I’d never read the Ares mini. This was a strong issue. In fact this remains one of Marvel’s strongest books. Why would anybody drop it?

  14. Loved this. Thought the art was great and appreciated the recap cause I didn’t know any of the early stuff about Ares and Phobos. This book is one of Marvels best. Up there with Iron Man and FF4.

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