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  1. I love this book!!  That cover reminds me of Twisted Metal 🙂

  2. The Secret Six in Viva Las Vegas = total win. Warners should forget mooning after Chris Nolan and just go ahead and make a film about this sexy bunch of d-list villains.

  3. So is  the sixth member tarantula or someone else

  4. @cyberauron, I think at this point, the sixth person is that lady with the white hair briefly shown in issue three.

  5. anyone know that character’s name?  my DC knowledge isn’t up to par with my Marvel knowledge

  6. I am enjoying this book, but last issue seemed to be missing somthing compared to the first two issues. Hope this book keeps on being good and last issue was just a single issue that was missing somthing. (If that makes any sense??))


  7. @drakedangerz She’s only been identidied as Jeannette so far. I beleive she is a new character.

  8. who do u think would be the first six to get the axe,

  9. @Cyberauron Bane would probably be the obvious choice, because he is new to the team, a more established character in the DCU, and his relationship with Scandal seems to be moving in a strange direction and is bound to blow up. But then again, Ragdoll seems a not unlikely choice either, because he is pretty unstable, willing to do just about any perverse thing, and he doesn’t have much of an emotional stake in the team. I could easily see him leaving the six and taking up a more adversarial role in the book.

  10. the only DC book I read. yay.

  11. I’m so happy this is a monthly now.

  12. @NealAppeal-Ahhh thanks.  I thought it was one of the many DC characters I have yet to learn about

  13. Bane’s Mac-Daddy (literally) routine & Scandal’s reactions were cracking me up last issue.

    "It is your bedtime Scandal Savage."

    "Excuse me?"

    Simone’s books always have a great sense of humour. =D 

  14. Bane is totally hilarious.  I love this book

  15. This is a great book. Too bad nobody’s reading the darn thing.

  16. Bane has some of the best lines of the year :

    Concierge : If you don’t mind me saying, can I ask what you bench press sir?

    Bane : Costumed detectives, mostly.

    Classic 🙂

  17. @DemonBoy-haha, that was a good one.  I loved how he told Savage she can only have one ice cream. 

    Honestly, more people need to read this.  It has skyrocketed to the top of my list faster than anything else.  I wish the iFanboys would give it a try, just to get other users to give it a shot.  I know a lot of them would love it

  18. art amazing story amazing JUnior one creepy motherfucker. Scariest villan ever

  19. i enjoy simone’s character moments and i like the art, but ( and maybe this is just the atheist in me talking) the whole "get out of hell free card" premise to this story arc is LAME.

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