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This issue marks a major turning point in the life of the Secret Six’s most tortured member, the dangerously brilliant and ambitious Bane. Will even his few remaining friends on the team become casualties in his renewed war on Gotham City?

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. BANE!

  2. Started this series with the 2nd arc…went back and bought the first arc in floppy and haven’t looked back! Thank you Gail and crew! I am with u to the end

  3. I only started at issue #19, because I only got into comic books not too long ago, but this was far and away one of my favorite series (as a newbie anyway), really going to miss it.

  4. You can tell that Gail really enjoys writing these characters. I’m not very into Calafiore’s art, but otherwise i’m really going to miss this series.

  5. This is definitely the series I will miss the most, post reboot.

  6. It was a great run.  Its ending on a high note.  This was our generation’s Suicide Squad and I’m so happy we got this many issues out of it.  Thank you Gail and Co.

  7. He looks sort of like X-Force Deadpool,

  8. When I got back into comics, I pretty much just read Marvel. I couldn’t get into DC at all for a long time. Secret Six  was the gateway to other DC comics for me. It’s a testament to a quality run.

  9. Once again, i’ll diverge from the norm. I have loved this book ever since Villains United. The last few arcs have been sub-par, in my opinion. Maybe it’s the introduction of Black Alice and King Shark, or Calafiore’s art, but I’m just not feeling it. I wish Nicola Scott was back.

  10. I’m really bummed this isn’t making the relaunch. It was awesome!

  11. I’ll miss ya.

  12. DC is canceling the only book of their’s I read.

  13. Sweet how Catman has his own customized sweatshirt.  Think Bane forgot Cassandra, but brilliant how they go after Penguin so that we could have the benefit of watching them demolish his henchmen.  King Shark was awesome in this, and actually gained some respect for Penguin there for not giving in to his torture right up until the hilarious ending there.

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