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In chapter two of the three-part epic “The Darkest Horse,” the team finds out the terrible conditions required to use a “Get Out of Hell Free” card that allows them to retrieve the body and soul of a fallen loved one! But who has the card, and who do they want to bring back from Hell itself?

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. Much like The Boys, this series is almost a chore for me of late. Though I did enjoy the 1st issue of this arc, let’s hope business picks up for awhile now

  2. I started this up again, as I am a sucker for Simone, but Calafiore’s art bothered me on Exiles and it bothers me here.  He is a journeyman penciler, not too bad, but not spectacular. 

  3. This series came out of the gate with the first couple of story arcs being great and hooked me and a few others. Now I think they are done reading it and I am alone on this island. I will hang a little bit longer since I have fallen in like with these characters.


  4. Catman dolls are all the rage apparently.

  5. I’m still liking the book–Ragdoll has always been creepy but this issue reinforced it. The problem I’ve had with this book of late has been the art (not a Califiore fan,sorry) and… too many characters! Need to get back to basics with just 6 to focus on: Catman, Scandal, Deadshot, Bane, Ragdoll and (my fave) Jeannette the banshee. And, Gail? If you are reading this please stop cramming Black Alice into every book you right–she’s not  a great character, so enough already!

  6. Agreed! Definitely should get back to focusing on the secret six! 

  7. Read it and I am on an Island by myself however; after reading the last two comments I would have to agree! There are to many characters wondering around and they are not all that good. Get back to the 6 and lets get back to some a– kicking here. I will give this book three more issues and than I am building a small life raft with my Secret 6 comic box and moving on.

  8. Not so sure about another Hell arc, but I loved Gail’s twisted Demon rhyming. She loves evil wordplay, that lady does.

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