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  1. Yeah the six versus random assasins. That leaves room for Bane and Deadshot to get created.

  2. This maybe one of the best books being wriiten. You can tell Gail Simone knows these characters. I was real iffy on Bane, but he seems to fit. And I enjoy the villian, I hope this bbok has a long succesful run.

  3. I’m liking the new take on Bane as a moral absolutionist and not just some muscle bound freak to be pointed in the direction of your enemies.

  4. Should be a wickedly good time!

  5. my copy of issue 1 is damaged, gna buy another copy when i pick this up

  6. N-No Cliff Chang cover?? 🙁

  7. What fight do you realy wanna see. The Six vs

    1. Mad Hatter vs Ragdoll

    2. Bane vs Mamoth

    3. Deadshot vs Scarecrow

  8. @Cyberauron Secret Six Vs. The Rogues

    Scandal Vs.Captain Cold

    Catrman Vs. Mirror Master

    Deadshot Vs. Trickster

    Ragdoll Vs. Heat Wave

    Bane Vs. Weather Wizard


    Or something like that. 

  9. @NealAppeal- I would think Ragdoll Vs. Trickster would be a more entertaining battle.

    Oh, and Catman Vs. Gorrilla Grodd

  10. @NealAppeal….my head just exploded.

  11. @Neal Wow I never thought of that. I would have Bane against Gorilla Grodd. That would be the dream match, Grodd finding out his mind tricks dont work on Bane and it a knockout fight. 

    Ok Rouges vs Six who would win? I think Deadshot blows up trickster toys and Captain Cold over Scandal 

  12. Secret Six vs The A-Team?

  13. more like

    secret six vs sinister six!

  14. Anyone think the bad guy in the box ("Junior) is the original Ragdoll or a new ragdoll??  Just a thought since I just recently read the Robinson’s Starman

  15. I dont think so Ragdoll went after his son in the first secret six mini

  16. Man, what freakin’ sweet issue this was!  This easily cements this as my new favorite title.  I laughed, I gasped, and I laughed some more.  I heart Catman >_<

  17. this was awesome. catman and deadshot are great together. this is consistantly one of my favorite books every month.

  18. I’m lovin’ this series. I just bought it originally on a whim as it was a quiet week, but it’s one of my favourites now.

    And nekkid Catman in Africa looks so HAWT!

  19. Favorite line so far "Cheatah has it"

  20. I would read this book even if it was the "Secret Two" and just had Catman and Deadshot hanging out and drinking.

  21. @butchcassidy and cyberaun: agreed!

  22. @ButchCassidy I’d probably be pretty happy if there was any DC book that was just superheroes or villians hanging out and drinking.

  23. @Parker: Gail’s take on Bane seems very true to the character and how Chuck Dixon originally wrote him. But yeah, she writes him very well

  24. DC needs to do more books that focus on the villains. like a book about the rogues with Johns writing it or an anthology book about the Batman villains. hell, even a Luther book would be ace 

  25. Yeah, a Johns book about the Rogues would be fab! I get a bit tired of all these boy scout superheroes and love the bad guys.

  26. @WinTheWonderboy… I agree. This is the only ongoing DC book I pick up. The only other DC thing I’ve read recently was the Rouge’s Revenge mini. For some reason the only DC characters I’m interested in are the villians.

  27. @ButchCassidy: Well DC does have some fucking awesome villains!!!

    Johns has to write a Rogues book eventually, i think i’ve read somewhere that he wants to. when he was writing the flash, the stand alone Rouges issues were always my favorite.

    How keen would a book about the batman villains be! kinda like the Jokers asylum mini. except with more of a sense of continuity, with four or five issue story arcs focusing on guys like Two-Face or lesser known baddies like Mr.Zzazz.

    what other DC villain books would you guys want to see?  

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