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  1. I haven’t been a fan of the covers for the latest arc.  Too much of that "dark and gritty" feeling

  2. Best. Comic. Ever.

  3. this book’s in danger of being dropped. haven’t really enjoyed it since BFTC tie-in.

  4. as long as Secret six has Art by Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood I’m gonna add it to my pull list.

  5. @skeets: That’s funny, because I’ve falled in love with this book ever since the BFTC tie-in.  Before that, I was only half-interested…

  6. *fallen 🙂

  7. I just got caught up on this like a week or two ago. I guess I’ll finish the current arc?

  8. I’d be happy if this book came out every week … & beer was free … & hot chicks didn’t walk away when I smile at them … ahh dreams, they can be so deflating for the soul.

  9. Wasn’t this the one that might be headed to cancellation hell according to the rumors?  I hope not.  I could imagine Outsiders being the team book to get the kick in the can first, even though they were both good last month.

  10. @robby- Why would DC cancel one of their best books? Oh yeah, they already did it with Manhunter …

  11. @robby-I haven’t heard such rumors. It’s been selling in the safe range I believe.  Where exactly did you hear this?

  12. Speaking as a north-of-the-border-ian who actually got his fix on Wednesday…….Secret Six is so freaking awesome this month. Absolutely stellar. I thought GLC was going to be my pick after I read that, but SS13 really set the bar up a notch. Throw in Blackest Night : Batman and it’s been a great week, but SS13 is currently on top. I won’t make any mention of the story until tomorrow – my sincere sympathies to everyone waiting until Thursday for their books. 

  13. I love the Wonder Woman on the cover.  He should do some variant covers for Wondy.

  14. This book keeps getting better and better!  Each of the characters is written perfectly.  Can’t wait to see how it ends next month!

  15. I thought I’d heard this book was getting a new writer at some point soon.

  16. John Ostrander will fill-in as writer for issue #15 about Deadshot.  Other than that, I think Gail’s on it until someone forces her to stop!

  17. Another really great issue.  Didn’t blow me away, but totally delivered.  The twist with the Amazons sounds like it will promise quite a bit of drama next issue.  Can’t get enough of Scott’s work.  Beautiful stuff

  18. dropped

  19. Really like this comic despite not being very familiar with the characters. Love Ragdoll’s random comments about everything

  20. “Are you all right, Mr. Floyd? Shall I do a dance to amuse you?” — I love this book. No other comic (that I know of) is this dark & funny at the same time.

  21. "I agree with the killing, but not with the no dancing part"

  22. what a great week of comic books!

    The next issue will be 5 stars!

  23. Scandal has become my favorite team member.  I love this book.  I worry constantly that Nicola Scott is going to get pulled to work on a more high profile book.

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