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  1. Minge-y!



  2. most underated comic series of 09

  3. Still wondering who the fuck Jeannette is … (???) but loving this book.

  4. Is this the beginning of the Wonder Woman arc? I’m thinking of giving it a try out.

  5. My favourite DC comic each month. Love this.

  6. @ Noto: Threre are two issues before this, but it wouldn’t be hard to catch up.

    If I remeber everything correctly:  Secret Six are hired to guard a prison that is being built on a island. They get there and they find out their employers are slavers. Artemis is in the prison. Jeanette lets her go, and the group begins to fight over whether they should let Artemis escape.  Artemis collapses. Wonder Woman arrives and want to know why Artemis is dead.

  7. @WadeWilson-Far as I can tell, she’s a harpie that Simone created within the pages of this series.  No one have been able to tell me that she existed before this.

  8. This book can’t come out fast enough.  Jeanette is turning into one of my favorite characters.

  9. According to wikipedia, Jeanette’s first appearance was in issue #4 of this series. She is indeed a character created by Gail Simone specifically for the current incarnation of the Secret Six. I think she’s pretty awesome myself.

  10. Yeah, don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike the character of Jeanette, she’s just like a totally random character who came from no where to be one of the "Six".

  11. Bitchin’ issue.  But is the thing on the last page a pre-existing character?  I don’t think so.  Either way, creepy.

  12. @drake I feel like I should know who that is….  but I don’t. 

    Beyond that, I loved this issue.  I was on the fence for my POTW then I read this and that battle was over.

  13. So this being my first issue, I thought it was pretty awesome, even though I don’t know any characters aside from Bane, Artemis and Wonder Woman.

    I like Gail Simone, and I love Wonder Woman, so I’ll probably stay on for now and see how it goes. Looks interesting.

  14. Nicola Scott can draw the hell outta Wonder Woman. Hell, she drew the hell outta the whole comic.

  15. Loved the first arc from this series, but the last few issues haven’t really done anything for me. The dialogue made me cringe and the reveal at the end had no impact at all. Think I’ll drop off this one.

  16. It was fablous. Jenette is badass. So is Artemis

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