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  1. Yay, my LCS manager forgot to add this to my pull list. I’m free!

  2. The first issue of this was excellent.

  3. i hope they bring bete ray bill into the regular thor title…needs more scuttlebutt

  4. This and SI: Inhumans have been the best of the unnecessary tie-in bunch.

  5. That how I love tie-ins…short, sweet, and with Thor in them.

  6. Bete Ray Bill!

  7. So glad that Beta Ray Bill is back. Here’s to hoping that he doesn’t die in this book and can continue to kick ass around the Marvel U.

  8. Woah! Jedi Skrull on page 3! Skrullicious!

  9. Good book – if you are on the fence, get this.

  10. I agree this and the inhumans is the best tie ins, but beta ray bill is going to die.  This book seems to be setting up a sacrafice for beta ray with the god killer skrull.

  11. i vow that if Beta Ray Bill dies than i probly wont buy the Thor Books.

  12. Just to beat a point to death – this and SI: Inhumans are great tie-ins for the event. Really enjoyable reads. I was never a really big Thor fan until his most recent run, and this is keeping up the good times. Glad I picked it up.

  13. @Captain Jack. Then say good bye to thor, because the stormbreaker is destroyed. No hammer so no more beta ray.

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